What the CRAP!?!

Ok here is the deal. I am building a computer for my roommate with the following specs:
AMD Phenom II 955
ATI XFX 4890
Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H
2x2GB G.Skill DDR2 1066
Corsair 750XT
WD 750GB Black

So I started building the computer and find out the MB is crap. I send it back and have it replaced. I put everything back together with the new one and think everything is going great. then it starts to crash with lots of pretty blue. Constantly. I start swapping parts with my computer. I find that the Graphics card is good. The RAM is bad. ok so I take 2 gigs of ram out of my computer and put in his. This gets rid of the Blue Screens but it still freezes. It just freezes the screen, can't do anything. but no BSOD. I think its either the CPU or the MB. I take the CPU out of his computer and put it in mine(we have the exact same MB) and the CPU works just fine. I put my CPU (which is an AMD FX-62) in his MB and it works just fine. Its only when its his CPU in his MB that it doesn't work. Both Motherboards have the latest Bios and are set up the same. So I know the RAM is bad but I can't figure out if I should send the MB back again along with the CPU or just one or the other. Is there something that I might be missing? I dont know Im ready to give up. After I put good RAM in it would usually just lock up if I was trying to install a game using Dameon Tools Lite or playing a game.
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  1. did you check if your cpu is overheating? what about the gpu? make sure that all the power cables are connected to the gpu ( needs 2x 6pcie)

    if it's freezing during game playing the most likely culprit is the gpu. inadequate power, overheating and bad drivers are most common issues. Try reinstalling the driver or even installing a previous version to see if problem persists.

    can't you purchase a newer mobo? i have the gigabyte MA 785GM-US2H. works flawlessly with my 955 phenom.
  2. is the speed of the "working" ram the same 1066 as well?
  3. Nope the Working RAM is 800. The GPU is working. It works in my computer. I have even tried older drivers for it while using DriverSweeper to get rid of the old drivers. I have reinstalled windows several times now also. The voltages are all good, even during a game. I even tried my PSU in his computer and his in mine. Everything seems to work in my computer other than the RAM when its up to speed. It will actually run at 800 in my computer. All power cables are plugged in well and I have tried all of the latest drivers. If the CPU is over heating then it should in mine as well but it doesn't. It doesn't just freeze during game play it also freezes while installing games.
  4. well you have done enough testing, time to rma or get different parts. IMO you have spent too much time installing/uninstalling. it's easier to rma all the components that you suspect. there could be some incompatibility issues between the am2+ mobo and am3 cpu that even the Bios version F4 hasn't worked out. i'd try a different mobo. like the one i recommended you above. same board except newer chipsets.
  5. How did you determine the RAM was faulty? It sounds more like you just need to manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the BIOS to fix the RAM issues.
  6. Yeah I did set the RAM timings and everything. It would work in my computer at DDR2 800 but if I tried it at 1066 it would crash no matter what the voltage was at.
  7. it may be that this motherboard you are trying to use for your friends computer is not compatible with the processor. the giga 78gm doesnt appear to support am3 and as i recall seeing somewhere (could be wrong) but amd phenom ii x4 cpus dont support am2+ sockets strictly am3. so long story short i would say try the mobo godless suggested or even bump it up to a 790 chipset for the ability to xfire if he wants to upgrade to that
  8. i double checked the gigabyte website if the mobo supports this cpu and indeed it does. but like i said, there still could be some incompatiblities. gigabyte could even to sticking on the phenom II support just to sell more units? maybe unlikely since they have a newer 785G chipset out that just replaces the 780G.

    I would just get a newer mobo.
  9. yeah I am considering a new motherboard if it doesn't cost any more. So do you think that the CPU is OK or should I send it back to.

    Thanks for everybody's help

    Lefty his motherboard is exactly like mine. Exact same model and it supports AM2, AM2+, and AM3 and it does support his CPU.

    Thanks again everybody
  10. here's a couple of mobos am2+ with support for am3 cpu and 785/sb710 chipsets.


    the msi has sata ports facing away from the board, so when you install the 4890 card, you won't be blocking the sata ports. but it only has two dimm slots. the gigabyte's sata ports will be blocked. plus it need 8pin cpu power, look at the photos. but it's possible to run it on only 4 pin if you place it in bottom four. doing it right now with my other other comuputer.
  11. ah yes, i see now it says you two have the same mobo. if the processor worked in your computer then you can rule that out as a source of the problem. i, too, would just send the mobo back as it is probably faulty.
  12. I am learing that my ga-ma785g-ud3h does not support ddr2 1066 if there is more than one dimm per channel. Wish i would have known that before i purchased 2 more 2gig sticks of ocz platinum. You have to overclock the ram multiplier to get it there so i have all 8 running at 800, kind of a bummer. But this might have something to do with your problem.
  13. Well actually he has 2 2GB stick just like me. Mine runs fine at 1066. his will not. Both are in dual channel. The difference now is the ram. He has G.Skill and I have Corsair Dominator. I am beginning to think that G.Skill just isn't that great. Its possible that the G.Skill isn't getting enough voltage to run at 1066 because it says its voltages are 2.1-2.2 and I think these motherboards only go up to 2.1 volts. I dont know, I finally got his computer running stable so I am ok with it running at 800.

    Thanks for your input,
  14. Your probably right. i have to craigslist 4 2 gig sticks and hopefully get enough for 2 4 gig sticks of 1333.
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