Need help finding eSATA controller

I haven't been able to find the solution I am looking for that will meet my needs. My OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit. The below is what I am working with.

I have an external eSATA enclosure (TowerRAID TR5UT-B) that uses the dip switches on the back of the enclosure to create a RAID 5 array. This is connected via a RocketRAID 622 controller. Sans Digital stated that I needed to use the non-RAID driver for this controller to be able to use the enclosure in this way.

I have purchased a 2nd eSATA enclosure that does not have the built-in hardware RAID and needs to use the controller's RAID creation. It is my understanding that if I purchase another RocketRAID 622 controller that I would not be able to use the 2nd's controller with a different driver.

I have a somewhat limited budget of $150 to $200 (the less is preferred) to find a controller that will not interfere with the current controller but also is port multiplication aware for me to create a RAID.

Do you know of a controller (preferably making things faster) that will meet my needs of higher speed performance, can recognize the first enclosure's existing RAID configuration and will be able to create a different RAID via the card's RAID configuration?

Sorry about the complicated question.
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