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I am building my first desktop and I originally thought I fried the motherboard and/or the graphics card (saw/smelt smoke) and sent them in for replacements. Upon getting new ones, I still can't get it to work.

I think everything is plugged in correctly.

When I plug in the power, the mobo 'start' and 'reset' button lights turn on. When I press the front power button, the power LED turns on briefly, the fans turn on briefly, and the graphics card LED turns on briefly, but then it stops and all turn off again within about a tenth of a second. At least I haven't seen smoke this time. I have no idea what's wrong or how to fix it. Any help!??!
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  1. check if you have your cpu heatsink on correctly and also what is your power supply?
  2. Have you gone through every step in this checklist?

  3. The heatsink came with pre-applied thermal paste, and it clicked into every spot around the CPU. power supply is 550W Seasonic 'S12 Energy'
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