Hitachi vs. Western Digital vs. Seagate

I'm not really sure which on of these is the best:

They all have about the same specs, but very pretty greatly in price. Any preferences or recommendations?
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  1. I would go with WD with a 5 year warranty. It seems like nowdays people have been having problems with all drive manufactures. I have been using WD for years now and have not had a problem but the choice is up to you.
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    Hi there,

    Well, the answer is 'yes'! There really isn't one better than another. They are all good, and you will get recommendations for all of them.
    Lots depends on if one has had a good or bad experience with a manufacturer recently.

    Personally I like the WD Black. One of the guys on the forum just posted today he built his first computer, only to find that the new Seagate was defective. I had an IDE WD 500GB HDD progressively slow down, several months ago, RMA'd it to WD and had a new one in 3 days. And, like an elephant, the IBM (Hatachi) 'deathstars' aren't easily forgotten.

    So they all are great, and they all at some time have problems. And most importantly of all, HDD's are Temporary Storage. Sooner or later, hopefully much later, they will bite the dust.
  3. Thanks guy, I'm going to go with the Western Digital.
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