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Ok narrowed it down to 2, COOLER MASTER RC-690 and Antec 300

I am really not sure, i need it to be able to fit 2 5770's and have good airflow. anyone know about these?


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  1. Both cases have very good ventilation, airflow, and cooling.

    The Antec Three Hundred is a very popular case with gamers on a tight budget.

    The Coolermaster 690 is a classier case and it's a little larger than the Three Hundred. Considering the sale price, my personal preference would be the 690.
  2. yes go for 690 its awesome...i have one !!!!
  3. CM690 is spacious.
    Go for it.
  4. I also have CM690 and gets thumbs up from me... all 4 of them... :D
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