Mismatched Ram Timing problem?

I have two sticks of 2GB 800 bus rams. One times 6-6-6-18 another 5-5-5-15.. now in order to run them, i have two options-

1. Run them both @ 5-5-5-15, but that will make them run at 667 MHz (my motherboard sets it auto,if not manually set otherwise)
2. Run them at 6-6-6-18, downtiming one ram thats capable of running at 5-5-5-15 (currently running in this mode)

now, i need to know which is better in terms of stability?
the reason im asking this qus is i got some pc hangups (event logger says, kernel power error event 41) since i got windows 7 and these rams,and had to hard reboot(i was running XP and 2GB 800mhz before without any problems). Im a bit anxious about it..need to know whats causing it..Rams or the OS? one thing is common though, everytime(more or less) my pc hanged was sometime after waking up from a sleep mode..i have played games on my system plainly for hours after normal boot without problem. So ...long story short...what do u guys think is my problem? the Rams? timings? or the windows 7 x64?
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  1. 6-6-6-18
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