Which Asus Motherboard for me ???

Hello, I want do buy an ASUS motherboard but I'm not sure which will be best for me .
The PC will be mostly used for GAMES.
That is my spec:

Genuine Win 7 PRO
CPU- E5200 - 2x2,5
HIS -HD 5770 - 1024 ddr5.
4 Gb of Kingston mem- NON-ECC.
PSU-Corsiar 750W

I'll appreciate your advice. Thank you.
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  1. Any ASUS P5____ motherboard will be fine for you.
  2. U mean one of those will be ok ?
    P5Q DELUXE P45
    P5Q Pro TURBO P45
    If those, tell me please which you think is better ?
  3. The P5Q Deluxe is better. It has more features, 1 more PCI-e x16 socket than the Pro Turbo (although it runs at 4x), and other accessories. However, the Pro Turbo is enough for your setup. Either of them will be a good choice, especially since the Deluxe version will surely be more expensive.
  4. Thanx :D due to my mem freq. which is 667 I've finally decided to go for P5QD TURBO which i gues should be ok too.Thanx again for your help.
  5. Hey dude ! P5QD Turbo is a really good mobo !!! I've got one mystelf .and what's even more funny I'm running same HD 5770 on it :D
    Good Luck
  6. Well , I bought the P5QD Turbo , I'll instal it today and see how is it.
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