Applying Thermal Paste to AMD CPU

So the big day is almost upon me! All the parts are coming in tomorrow and I will finally build my first computer. My biggest concern is the application of the thermal paste. I've already ordered a 92mm Zalman fan which comes with a syringe of Arctic Silver 5 paste. I've heard rumors that there is a special way to apply the paste to an AMD processor. What is everyones opinion and personal experience with pasting up a Phenom II processor!
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    Well there used to be. Back in the Athlon XP days before AMD put a IHS on top of their CPUs.

    Back in the day AMDs CPU die would make direct contact with the HSF while Intels had a plate (IHS) to seperate the die with the HSF (heatsink) and also evenly dissipate the heat.

    my suggestion is to put a small amount and spread it with either a credit card or your finger in a glove (rubber).

    My Zalman came with a thing of thermal paste but it was in a bottle and had a neat brush applicator.
  2. new cpus have usually got some thermal paste on them already... r u gonna be overclocking??
  3. Alright, thanks jimmy.

    and yes, I am going to be overclocking, and hopefully unlocking the 4th core on my 720 BE.
  4. Well, I'm not worried about break in times, and the fan I bought came with a free tube of it. I was always under the impression that AS5 was the best, I had heard about it when I first started getting interested in computers, back in like 2003.
  5. Quote:
    WAS the best.....

    That is strictly your opinion.
  6. by the way aplying thermal paste on an AMD cpu voids your warranty... unless its a specific type (probably the one they come with)... but do as every one does and use it any way, if you have any problems just clean it up =)
  7. Well newegg apparently forgot about their own deal, buy a 92mm Zalman fan and get a free tube of AS5, but the fan came with a tiny amount of Zalman paste. So that's what I used. Oh and the install went off without a hitch!
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    Thats not true. What moron told you that?

    You can use any thermal paste you want. Besides OEM cpu's don't come with a fan and they dont come with thermal paste either, so you would have to apply thermal paste.

    Wrong again.
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