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What do you all know about this MOBO GA-P55-USB3? I haven't seen any post on Tom's regarding this model. I am putting together a i5-750 soon and wanted to get some feedback on this. Majority of folks seem to favor the GA-P55-UD4P
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  1. thanks for the reply but i could have and already looked at Gigabyte's wev site, I just didn't read close enough. the USB3 model dosn't support crossfire/sli very well, only at x16.x4
  2. You're going to find pretty much similar situations on all 1156 platform systems; the i5/i7-8xx processors have one sixteen lane, 'bifurcateable' PCIe port; any more has to come from an IOH (the P55 can only be configured as four x1s, two x2s, one x2 and 2 x1s, or one x4 port), an ICH (the ICH10R has a single four-lane, and two singles), or something extreme (and expensive) like the nVidia 'splitter' chipset... So, in essence, a pair of x16's is pretty much out of the question!
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