Need help with my first build

Hi All!

I am about to build my new system and so far I have chosen this parts.


1. P6T6 WS REVOLUTION, LGA1366, X58, DDR3, SLI & Crossfire
2. GA-EX58-UD5 LGA1366, X58, DDR3, CrossFireX

It is bit hard for me to which board I take it.


Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3,33 GHZ, LGA1366, 8MB, Boxed

CPU Coller

Noctua NH-U12P-SE1366


6GB Kit (3x2GB) Dominator, TR3X6G1600C8D, DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800)


Silverstone SST-TJ10B


GeForce GTX 285 2GB DDR3, PCI-E, 2xDVI, HDCP

Power supply

Corsair 850W 850HX ATX2.3


1 Western Digital 300GB Veloci Raptor, 3.5", SATAII/300, 16MB, 10000RPM for drive C
2x Western Digital 1TB, RAID Edition 3, 3.5", SATA II, 7200RPM, 32MB in raid

Other parts are Blu-Ray burner, DVD & CD Writer

Any help I appreciate to take me to right parts and I'm not planning to OC, but I want to have Work Station PC.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would go with this motherboard:

    P6T6 WS REVOLUTION, LGA1366, X58, DDR3, SLI & Crossfire
  2. i5 will be out in 4 days. Prices may go down on your items.
    You may want to consider what i5 brings.
  3. I think I can wait for 4 days to see how much I can save, but what I'm concern about, my GPU, is it a good GPU? and other parts, are they in good line up? can't make my decision as per my very little experience with PC parts.
  4. That's one of the top GPUs.
    Parts are good and high end.
  5. when I'm not OC ing, which memory speed is good for me?

    and which monitor size is recommended for playing games and encoding?
  6. if you dont wanna oc then its not worth getting the 975 the 950 will do fine or if you wanna oc and save money get the 920 and oc it to 3.33 or more gettting to 3.5 on an i7 is trivial these days
  7. OK i will go for i7 950 to save some €, as I'm not planning on sly, which quality board will match all my need?

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R

    I'm looking for best quality board for my work station.

    and which monitor size is recommended for playing games and encoding?
  8. well the asus is good and on the choice for the velociraptors they not that fast anymore since they got old most modern 7200rmp drives will match it even beat it in some cases try an get a samsung f3 they brand new came out few weeks ago but if you want fast ssd's are the way to go its the fastest money can buy you can also look into the evga boards
  9. Gigabyte & Asus are both great boards.
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