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A friends xp professional computer had a dos attack from a rootkit. ran Kasperskys TDSS Killer from a floppy and found 3 problems.
killed them then had to reboot to finish them off and now it shows the BIOS loading and then it goes to a black screen with a blinking hash mark in the top left hand of the screen. HE DOESN'T HAVE A RECOVERY OR BOOT DISK. i need to make a boot disk so i can access his computer and run tdsskiller again and finish them off while they sleep! anyone know where i can download a boot disk from without him having to pay an arm and a leg for it?
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  1. Hiren's Boot CD, also available in a USB flavor.
  2. thanks alot treefrog07. Fine website. looked at various boot programs there but couldn'f figure which one i needed. need a boot disk with all the necessary sys. and dll. files for xp professional so i can access OS. don't want to load sys and dlls from the hard drive cause they're corrupted with at least 1 rootkit. If i could boot clean off floppy could run TDSSKiller again and probably kill it since it wouldn't be booted and floating around in upper memory. what do ya think? AND, on another note; if it wasn't for GREED i'd have ALL the OS Disks just like back in the early 90's and wouldn't have these kind of hassles...thanks Microsoft!
  3. You can download a bootdisk there, with many apps.

    To accomplish your objective, you'll need the files from an XP disk, or copy them from another working XP computer. If you copy them to the Hiren's boot CD, you can copy them from the CD to the various windows folders using the DOS prompt.
  4. that's what iz afraid of. I use win 7 pro and only other computer i have has vista onit. wish i'd saved the old HP i had with xp onit but...know a guy who works on computers who has every OS disks and every other recovery or repair software since win DOS came out. Ol geezer (like me since win 3) gonna probably charge $25 for a copy of the repair disk...wuz just trying ta save my friend a few bucks since he's on disability after getting creamed in a wreck by a drunk driver 20 years ago...dude hit him didn't have any insurance so my friend wound up screwed! He's all crippled up and single now and only love or thing he has in his life is his computer. Guess i'll go ahead in the morning and get that recovery cd and not tell im i paid for it. Really appreciate the help treeffrog07. I've had problems over the years even with my somewhat limited expertise and have found that if it weren't for people like you and others helping each other on different forums we'd all be screwed. Thanks much, talk with u later...Charlie from Louisiana, USA.
  5. If your friend's hard drive is accessible/readable, you could put it in your computer to see if it has the folder named i386. Sometimes the system builder adds that folder during XP onstallation. It contains all the XP system files, including the .dlls.
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