Some Hard Drive Files Missing after Removal/Reinstallation

I needed to transfer a large amount of files from my personal desktop to a new build for a friend, so I removed my slave data drive and put it in the new computer. I used my computer in the mean time, so all the drive letters got screwed up. After reinstalling my data drive back into my computer and correcting all the drive letters, my folder of TV shows only shows the subfolders in Windows Explorer, which all look empty. Windows is still reporting that the drive is full to the same capacity as it was before . All other files appear and function as they should.

First I tried a system restore, and when that didn't work I put in some research and tried a few hard drive and registry repair tools which still didn't change anything. I tried putting the drive in another computer to see if I could see the files and back them up, but all the folders still appear empty.

I'm trying a check disk on the drive right now, but since that seems like it is going to take hours on a 2TB drive, I wanted to see if anyone here knew what can be done about it.
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  1. Check disk is what you should have tried first of all, all of the other things that you tried would not help your problem. If check disk does not sort out the problem then I would suggest that you try an undelete program.
  2. Permissions must have gotten changed, Grab linux puppy and run it off the disk to reset your permissions. Id say the other computer you put it in may have changed your permissions. Puppy is easy to use, i did something similar with 20k music files. Also make sure to take ownership of the folder before you do anything dramatic.
  3. Check disk failed, Two Undelete Programs failed, I'm going to try linux puppy
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