RAM speeds

I was curious what would be a better combination:

1.25gb of RAM at 333MHz


1gb of RAM at 400MHz?

Thank you.
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    1GB @ 400Mhz.

    This also depends on if any applications you have use up to and including 1GB RAM, in which case, the extra 256MB of RAM (even at a slower speed) would be better.

    If you are able, buy a matching pair of 1GB sticks of RAM for a total of 2GB @ 400MHz, that would even be better.
  2. Thank you, that was the answer I was looking for. I will have to look into the usage. This was an upgrade on an old dell that had 256 running XP - didn't even know it was possible, thought it was gonna be a 512 stick in there. (but we had a lappy that was running XP on 128 so go figure - but it almost crapped itself, pardon my language). Anyway, we picked up the 1gb stick pretty cheap, its old PC3200, not as readily available, so was a little pricier than we had hoped. This is a computer for my brother in law, so I was just getting it to run a little better. I think the 1gb then will be the way I go, I will take out the 256 stick when I go see them this weekend.

    thank you again for you fast and responsive answer!
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