unable to transfer files to pen drive

i have purchased a kingston 16GB data traveler. when i transfer some data to it , it takes huge time. the transfer rate is about 123/165kbps.......while my laptop contains corei5 processor and 6gb ram. but when i try to retrieve the data from the pen drive it shows no data in the drive. i have tried to format it but taking a huge time, in the middle, the format is rejected. show me some way to solve the very problem. my other pen drive is working in my computer.
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  1. i imagine the drive is DOA (dead on arrival). call kingston and have them RMA it so u can get a new one.
  2. If you haven't already sent it off for RMA, I'd suggest trying it on another machine. As they're going to ask you to do that when you raise the RMA call most likely.
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