First time overclocking. How am I doing?

Thanks to the incredible amount of info available here, I've just finished my first homebuild using some parts from my previous system built by a friend.

Component list here. Paste used was Arctic Silver 5.

Now I'm taking my first crack at overclocking and want some input on my voltages and temps. I found some good guides and have been using Prime95 to test for stability. I'm playing it safe at 4.4 GHz for now, and want to make sure I don't do anything to compromise the CPU lifespan. I'm running with a fixed voltage input and LLC level 1. All tweaks were done through BIOS.

After some initial tweaking, I found that I was Prime95 stable for a 16-hour test at 1.220V, but then crashed a couple of times while idle because the voltage dropped to 1.200V. I then ramped up the fixed voltage to 1.235V, which upped my idle voltage to 1.215V. Hoping that helps the problem, but we'll see.

One more thing: I noticed that my CPU speed drops as low as 4.0 MHz while Prime95 is running. Any idea why it's not consistent?

Anyway, here are the CoreTemp and CPU-Z readings toward the end of my 12-hour test from last night:

And here's the AXTU with the relevant voltages:

Could use synopsis from a more trained eye. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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    You have quite a bit of overclocking headroom left.

    Intel's max recommended voltage is 1.52 volts, although a lot of us feel 1.40 - 1.45 volts is a safer limit. And 70 C is a safe upper limit for load temps. That is if you want to see how far you can safely push.

    On the other hand, there's certainly nothing wrong with 4.4 GHz. :)
  2. Wow, they recommend that as the maximum? That's pretty insane.

    I really like that I've been able to stabilize this chip at 4.4 GHz at a lower temperature and voltage than I expected. It's good to know I can go a bit higher if I want to. Appreciate the info.

    By the way, judging by your icon and title, I may have your cat.
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