Will this Zalman fit my NZXT M59 Case?

I am currently using a NZXT M59 Case -

Asus P6T SE Mobo -

I would like to know if the ZALMAN CNPS9900LED 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler - will fit in my case. I measured myself and it looks like it could fit but when I check out reviews online for this heatsink it looks HUGE! That gets me worried and I am stuck in between getting one or not.
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  1. The case is 7.48 inches wide. It's not as wide as a high end gaming case.

    The newegg specification for the Zalman cpu heatsink does not include dimensions.

    It's difficult to post a valid opinion without necessary information.
  2. I went and searched on the Zalman website and found: Dimension: 94(L) x 131(W) x 152(H) mm

    So converting that into inches would be: 3.7"(L) x 5.15"(W) x 5.98"(H)

    I wonder if it is doable or will I have to get a bigger case.. If I need to provide anymore info please let me know as I am still somewhat in my learning stage with PC hard wares.

    As for a new case, would anyone kindly give me some suggestions on one that gives really good airflow, reasonable priced, compatible with my motherboard, while can fit in the Zalman CNPS9900LED and my EVGA 260gtx?
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    It will work. It will fit. No need to get a bigger case unless you really want a new one.
  4. Thank you for your reply, can't wait till it gets delivered!
  5. So I am also in a similar situation and want to know if it fit and how much room there was to spare?
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