560 ti in sli

I have just installed two 2gb msi 560ti's but I'm not having any luck with getting sli going. I'm worried that the big shrowd on the card is preventing my sli bridge from making solid contact on both cards at the same time.

Anyone running these cards in sli?

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  1. Sounds like a possibility on the shroud part, but what mobo are you using, BTW?
  2. 790i ultra evga
  3. what I see under 'sli configuration' is
    Maximize 3d performance (grayed out)
    Activate all displays (grayed out)
    Disable SLI (ticked and not untickable)
    and then under that there is an area that says 'SLI disabled'
  4. there is also one of those yellow triangles with the exclamation point inside that says 'to use masimum 3d performance, connect the SLI-ready graphics cards with and SLI connector.

    It does recognize two cards as well it would appear. there is a gtx 560 ti (1) and gtx 560 ti (2). My monitor appears connected to (1) but not (2). I don't actually connect a cable to the second gpu right? That's the purpose of the bridge right?
  5. Alright! I have SLI mode running. Did a restart and that helped.

    *New problem* :)

    I have uninstalled ccc (from my 6950 failed experiment) and deleted the files I have found for it. Yet it still comes up when I boot and tells me it can't find the AMD card. SLI mode wouldn't start until I went to task manager and stopped CCC and one other application (related I would assume).

    How do I get whatever part of CCC that is still on my computer off???


    Oh, and the blue wondows seven background that used to fill the whole screen now only fills part of the screen in the middle at the same resolution. Is there a way to get that to fill the screen again?
  6. I'd use Driver Sweeper to get rid of the old GPU drivers. I'm assuming you tried removing the old CCC from within the Control Panel??
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