Partition not displayed by hdd but hdd shown in bios

I have a western digital 1tb hard
disk , the bios shows me that it is there but when I open windows from another hard disk of the same system to access it, it asks me to format it , I have lots of files in that how do i recover them. please HELP !
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom' Hardware!

    Please give us as much detail as you can about your computer system, make, model #, what HDDs are connected, your WD 1 TB drive, how they are connected (internal or removable), & how the data was placed on the WD.

    With both drives connected, go to Disk Management, and in the lower graphical section, please list what it says. Your system Drive Status should be similar to Disk 0, Basic, size, Online and the Volume Status should read something like VolumeName, DriveLetter, size, NTFS files system, Status Healthy (Primary Partition).

    The next row (this 1TB HDD) should be similar Disk 1, ect. Under the Volume Status, give us all the details, VolumeName, DriveLetter, size, FileSystem, Status. If one of these is missing, tell us.

    That will give the group info about the HDD, if it is OK, a partition is missing, the File System is missing, etc. and get you going again.
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