I5 750 or i7 860

So I plan on building a new system I have my board and my ram picked out but I am still debating which processor I should pick. Now I know the easy choice would be to go with the 860 because it is clocked faster and has HT. However is it that much of a performance difference between that and the 750? I looked at some of the current benchmarks for it and it looks promising but I am not so sure if the extra 90 dollars is worth it, however I don't want to spend the 200 only to be dissappointed and swap it out anyways.

I plan on using this system primarily as a gaming rig. However in the future it wont be limited to just that and I plan on rendering images as well as video encoding as well. Not sure if this would take advantage of the extra threads but I would like some opinions on it. Definately can't see spending double that for a 870. And the price of a i7 920 is rediculous by the time you add the 3 channel memory and a decent MB I would be looking to adding an extra $200+ as it stands It will be about $520 for the i5 setup total and the i7 would be $615.
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    For rendering and video encoding the addition threads will help significantly. How long in the future will it be before you start doing rendering and video encoding? If its going to be more than a year a processor upgrade then might serve you better than getting an 860 now, but if its going to be within the next few months then the i7 860 will be worth it and save you quite a bit of time with your encoding.
  2. If spending the extra 90.00$ won't hurt your wallet then go ahead with the 860, if budget is tight and you are inclined to overclock the CPU in the future then get the 750....
  3. If you think it isn't worth paying the extra for the 860, don't hesitate to buy the 750.
    It performs good enough.
  4. I was about to buy the core i5 cpu but decided to hold it until next year. I just plan to go with core i7 setup
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