Is it possible to combine two physical hard drive with different storage

Hello,is it possible for me to combine two physical hard drive with different storage?
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  1. Hello & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Not sure exactly what you mean by different storage. On our modern motherboards, you can use several hard disk drives. They can be IDE (parallel) or SATA (serial) drives, can have different speeds although many times they all run at the slowest speed, can have different capacities, and can have different file systems (FAT, NTFS). They can be combined in 'volumes' so several drives look like one (striped), or even two drives that have the same data on them (Mirrored).

    You can set up one HDD for your OS (smaller and faster), and another for data storage. One drive can be fixed inside a computer, and another removable (external).

    If you can envision a combination, someone has probably already tried it!

    Lots of different choices.

    For more precise info, be more specific as to what you would like to do, and someone in the group will fill in all the minute details.
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