Built my computer system, need a question answered!

Okay so, I finally assembled my computer and I turn it on. Blank screen. I follow the guide and instructions online, I test the RAM with only 1 stick. Yay I get visual. So, what do I do now? How can I install my 3 sticks of RAM (3x2gb for total 6gb) and not lose my visual feed.
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  1. You need to manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS. You may also have a faulty stick of RAM. Try running Memtest86+ on each stick.
  2. I apologize if I seem incompetent but how do I set the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the Bios. Where may I find the recommended specs?

    Here is my RAM and Motherboard:
    Crucial 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Triple Channel Kit

    Asrock X58 Extreme Motherboard
  3. Is it this kit?

    If so you shouldnt need to set the timings and voltage manually, the SPD settings would be functional since it runs at the default 1.5volts, the timings will be off but the looser timings should improve stability not make it crash. Run Memtest86+ on each ram stick and see if you can find the problem child.
  4. Okay there is something really funny happening, I turn it on and the screen remains blank. The feeling I have is like winning the lottery but then you can't use the money.
  5. I use the ram on another computer system and just run the memory? Because the computer I'm using is the only one that can use DDR3
  6. What hunter315 and I are saying is to try each stick of RAM by itself. That should help you find the faulty stick.
  7. In the problem system, you said that if you only ran a single stick you got video right? Download and burn memtest onto a cd and boot off of that, go through atleast 5 passes on each ram stick. One of them is likely your issue. If you swap them out and hit one that wont give you any video then you have your winner.
  8. I am swapping them out and all of them won't give me any video!
  9. One of RAM sticks stop at the Bios Post code 31 but the rest go to 00. All individual sticks give no visual on the screen.
  10. hobbes203 said:
    One of RAM sticks stop at the Bios Post code 31 but the rest go to 00. All individual sticks give no visual on the screen.

    It sounds like the kit giving the BIOS error is most likely the problem child. I guess what we don't understand is the following:

    hobbes203 said:
    I test the RAM with only 1 stick. Yay I get visual.

    So you're NOT getting a picture even with just one RAM stick installed?
  11. Not anymore, I removed two ram sticks before and powered on, got the Asrock x58 Extreme LOGO on my screen and went to insert to boot thing. I rechecked and it went. Third try, I get no picture with one RAM stick installed. I tried each, the Post code goes to either 31 or 37 now. I have the 8 pin 12v wire above the RAM but it is shielded.
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    It sounds like you might need to reset the CMOS. Your problem most definitely looks like a RAM issue. What does your motherboard owners manual say about the 31 and 37 error codes?
  13. Checkpoint 31 Post Code, description:
    "Allocate memory for ADM module and uncompress it. Give control to ADM module for initialization. initialize language and font modules for ADM. Activate ADM module."

    Checkpoint 37 Post Code, description:
    "Displaying sign-on message, CPU information, setup key message, and any OEM specific information."
  14. So I guess I should RMA the RAM.
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