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Anybody know anything about LG monitors? I bought a W2361V-PF but can't find any reviews, went to the LG site and of course it sounds good. I'm looking to pay $250-$300 max, and I want clarity for watching movies. I'm using a Samsung 2333SW right now, and I can see the pixels, even at Netflix. Blacks are a little faded as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. We bought a similar model W2361V-PF a few months ago from Frys Electronics.
    It worked fine for a month or so and then suddenly one day it turned off by itself and then again turned on itself. It was like in a horror movie.
    There was no body in the room, just by myself and was very scary.

    This kept on going for a couple of days; contacted LG support. They sent a replacement monitor.
    The replacement monitor started doing the same thing on and off unregularly. We just threw it in the garbage and went to Frys to buy a SAMSUNG monitor.
  2. /facepalm
    You joined , bumped a old thread , made a troll name just to troll LG ?

    LG is one of two major manufacturers that produce most LCD monitors used
    LG Display (Korean: LG디스플레이, KRX: 034220) is the world's second largest LCD maker,[1] after Samsung Electronics. Currently, the two South Korean companies together exceed 50% of the global LCD market[2]. LG Display is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.
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