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So, nvidia has the 3d vision product out for the PC. If you don't know, it is comprised of a pair of expensive shutter glasses (I think about $200; they communicate wirelessly with their special software) and a 22" monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate. It works pretty good for some games I hear, but for $600 the product would have to work well for basically all games for me to lay down that kind of money.

Regardless, seeing that nvidia is using shutter glasses, the idea comes into my mind: why would nvidia choose the active glasses route for 3d gaming. Would it not be better to work on a 3d computer monitor that works without the use of glasses? There are companies that are already working on and have prototypes of HDTVs that don't require 3d glasses, so why are shutter glasses the way to go for the PC?

Speaking of, do you think this would be a good way to go for this technology or not: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Jd3-eiid-Uw&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Jd3-eiid-Uw&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&feature=player_embedded&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

It would be pretty cool to play a game, watch a film, view a picture or watch TV and be able to get different perspectives depending in your head position.
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  1. Wouldn't let me edit the link so here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd3-eiid-Uw&feature=player_embedded
  2. Because $600 for a 3d gaming system is a hell of a lot better than $5k for a 3d monitor that very few games support. I know they can do 3d TVs, there was one in the senior design lab ones but it used a very complex array of filters, but items did appear to pop out from it if you stood at the right angles. The trick isnt getting a 3D hdtv, that isnt too complex, its getting a 3D hdtv that doesnt cost as much as a car.
  3. Hmm, true. What I would like to see is a system like Johnny Lee demonstrated with the wiimote. That would be really cool. Even better would be if the camera could track multiple different targets and identify them as different targets, this giving each person the 3d.

    Like you said, having to stand at a certain angle to see the 3d tv would be totally stupid. If I am watching tv or playing a game I want to be able to do it with other people. Good point on price, I didn't know how much one of these monitors or HDTVs would cost. Regardless, most people aren't going to be spending $600 on a 3d gaming system that only works with nvidia cards, requires you to wear those glasses and doesn't work perfectly for all games. I saw a review (might have been a few months ago) that said the damage indicators in WoW were strewn all over the screen and that the film grain effect had to be turned off in games that had it. For $600 it had better work almost perfectly with every game with 3d graphics. Hopefully in a few years the 3d that Johnny Lee was demonstrating will be in TV, movies and video games (and scientific applications of course).
  4. Spent 500 for the bundle from td(Glasses and 22"Monitor)+200 (gtx 260 3d card) and omg,but display was too small so i dropped another g on a 60" mitsu dlp 1080p 3d ready and OMG,WORKS WITH LOTS OF GAMES ,Med 2 total war is awesome ,flight simx,combat flight sim,guild wars,silent hunter,roller coaster tycoon 2,battlefield 2142,list goes on and on.its worth it if ya got the money,i did at the time ,now i just sit back and game my heart out.not bragging ,just really happy.do it if you can.
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