Problems with gigabyte geforce 8400 gs

I have just bought a new graphic card "gigabyte geforce 8400 gs" it's size is 512mb.

The problem is when i play games such as need for speed shift , burnout paradise , brothers in arms hh and far cry 2 , the games lags and this makes me pissed . But when i am playing command and conquer tw kane's ed the games works perrty smooth but lags a bit.
And Gta 4 my totally sucks , the game lags like ***.
(all drivers installed)
Pls tell wat is the problem ;
my pc specification r , intel celeron(d) 3.06ghz , 3gb ram, a power supply of 450watts , a western digital 160 gb hard disk and a lg studioworks monoitor .

So pls tell wat is the problem . I am dying to play these really smooth . I have already spent a lot of money and still didn't get performance and now i broke so pls help!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Well first off you are running a celeron, they are crippled pentiums that were never intended to be gamed on. Second, GTA 4 also runs like crap on anything that isnt a strong quad, it is poorly optimized and very CPU dependent. Third, what resolution is that monitor? The 8400GS isnt a strong card, it isnt really meant to be gamed on heavily, try reducing the settings a bit and see what you can get.
  2. The 8400gs isn't new it's old as crap (my 3 year old x1900xt blows that away) and you should have bought a more modern card online not retail. Would have been a better deal for less $. To play GTA IV you need something on par with a 9800gt or better. The cpu with it's puny 533 fsb and no HT is no good for gta iv. The least that one can get away with gta iv is a 3ghz 5xx or 6xx p4 and even then the game can lag on a 3ghz+ q6600 (oc).
  3. 8400GS is a VERY LOW END CARD (and yes, I do own one, but I don't game on that PC). It is NOT meant as a gaming card. Not to mention you have a Celeron D! As for GTAIV you'll need a Quad (or OCed dual) to play at or above 1600*1200 with high details.

    If you really want to game, you'll need AT LEAST a 4670. A 4850 or better is recommended.
  4. I can barely manage to play at 20fps with my e6400 at 3.4ghz and my 9800gt 1gb oced to 700 with shaders linked. That is with only at 1024/768 on high or 1280/1024 on low and mid with some high. I need a new card that can handle a 18in CRT or 20in LCD and not crap out. 5850 here I come. :) 8800gtx for crysis and 9800gt for GTA iv. :pt1cable:
  5. SO wait , u guys r telling me that i need to change my proccesr (intel celeron (d) 3.05) and my graphic card (gigabyte geforce 8400 gs) my cpu will run fine .
    And pls tell me wat do u think about nvidia geforce 8400gt and wat other models of graphic card from nvidia rocks 4 gaming pc.
  6. What resolution are you running at? My general set is 1280x1024/1440x900 GTS250/HD 4850; 1680x1050 GTX260/HD 4870; 1920x1200 GTX275/285/HD 4890. Dont get one of the older sets, the 9xxx series was the 8xxx series reshrunk and renamed, and the GTS250 is a shrunk and renamed 9800GTX so it still performs well but much cooler than its predecessor.

    If you have a socket 775 board it should be an easy processor upgrade, a C2Q will handle GTA better but a C2D will handle most other games better.
  7. Can u pls tell me wat is wrong with celeron d , evry1 says it sucks!!!
  8. my screen resolution is 1024x768. So let me get this strainght my graphic card s bad for gaming pc or the processer is the one bad for gaming or is it the graphic card and processer r the one's not for gaming.
    \if both iam dead .i mean 4 all games.
  9. For that resolution an 8400GS should be alright, however the celeron D's first off were not very good for the day, they ran hot like the pentium D's, slow, and came with a reduced cache all of which greatly reduced their gaming potential. If you have a socket 478 board you cant upgrade, if you have a socket 775 board you can just drop a new CPU in and solve your issues.
  10. Thnks hunter for the info , my motherbroad supports the intel core and quad . So i will remove the celeron and see how much it makes and purchase a quad . Thnks a lot to guys who help thanks .
  11. Metaled said:
    Thnks hunter for the info , my motherbroad supports the intel core and quad . So i will remove the celeron and see how much it makes and purchase a quad . Thnks a lot to guys who help thanks .

    I think that you are not going to be overly impressed until you replace the CPU and GPU both, if you are trying to run modern games like you mention.
  12. jitpublisher said:
    I think that you are not going to be overly impressed until you replace the CPU and GPU both, if you are trying to run modern games like you mention.

    Any dual core will be worlds better even it were to be a netburst cpu. I recommend if you are on a budget get a e5200 or better with a 4650 512mb or the 1gb version. A P4 with out HT on a 533fsb and a tiny 256kb cache can't do crap and makes a vanilla p4 look like gold. So you should look for a 45nm cpu since they use only a fraction of the power (less heat and lower light bill) and wouldn't need much cooling. Even the q8200 needs less cooling than your slugeron. So jitpublisher is right one upgrade with out the other is a waste of time and money.
  13. NOw tell me with a core processer and gig geforce 8400 gs will my pc work modern games smooth pls notify.
  14. hunter315 said:
    For that resolution an 8400GS should be alright
    No, it's a truly terrible card and entirely inappropriate for current games at any resolution/settings. Most current IGPs are better than that thing. If it's new like you say then just hope you can return it and next time do some basic research before buying things.
    Fortunately you plan on gaming at a low resolution so an expensive card won't be necessary. An HD4650 or 9500gt should be acceptable at 1024x768. They cost about $50.
    The bigger problem is your CPU because it is pretty terrible as well. We would need to know what motherboard you have to tell you what processor upgrade your computer can handle. For that tell us the brand and model number of your computer or install this;
    Then run it and tell us what it says for manufacturer and model on the mainboard tab.
  15. Ya right i forgot to tell u my motherbroad type , it is manufactured by biostar and it's model is G31-M7 TE. It's specification r in this link ;

    And i did sreach the internet before buying , acutally wat i ordered was a 9400gt but my cousin bought me this fcking dick *** graphic card . because he is my cousin i am keeping my mouth *** .

    the same thng happened with the processr and motherbroad , this time my uncle he is the one who bought it . The problem is in my place the worst parts r pertty expensive but in the place my uncle and cousin lives there is a variety of chooses for coputer parts.
    Now please help me .
  16. A 9400GT is better but still quite bad.
    The good news is that your motherboard can handle pretty much any LGA775 chip. If you don't have much to spend I'd recommend you get one of these and OC the hell out of it;
    It should be able to get up to 3.3-3.5ghz on stock cooling fairly easily.
    As for a video card the two I mentioned earlier are ok for your resolution but you may be able to do a little better. Exactly how much can you spend altogether and what brand/model# is that power supply?
  17. Indeed jyjjy thats a good cpu , but u see i live in saudi arabia (i am not a saudi ) . So u see this type of processer will cost maybe 300 riyals thats 79.6 american dollars . I have 250 riyals thats 66.31 amer.. dollars . So the current graphic card i will try and selling. I will try and getting some money from my resources and see , so pls tell me wat r the prices and models for the best nvidia graphic card which r good for gaming computer. Thank u.
  18. 9500GT or 9600GSO. The GSO is a good bit better but it may be out of your price range there and it also requires a 6-pin power connector which is why I asked about your PSU.
  19. k , so we should hunt the 9500gt . Now tell me ,will a e5300 and a 9500gt work modern games really smooth , also for gta 4 will it work nicely without any lags ??
  20. Well it depends on the game and what graphics settings you want to use. At 1024x768 that combo should handle the large majority of games smoothly at moderate settings. There are a handful of games that you will need to turn setting down to a minimum if you don't want any lag and GTA4 is probably one of them. The processor should be fine, especially if you overclock it but the 9500GT still isn't a great card. If you want something that's actually GOOD for that resolution save up a bit more and aim for a 9600GSO or an HD4670. Here those cards aren't much more expensive and would already be within your budget but I have no idea what the prices are like over there.
    If you do go for a 9500gt look for a DDR3 version as it's better than DDR2.
  21. k , i will check for those. Can u pls tell how can i overclock??? i mean when i get the processer and install it in the motherbroad and then wat , pls explain the concept of overclocking for i have no idea about it .
  22. Referring to the original post about games and the celeron D.

    Buddy i feel your pain, i had an intel celeron D processor 2.66ghz. Overclocked it to 3.2ghz with no problem but still didnt help things. NFS Shift, and COD World At War were my two biggest pains. They seem to run with an unbelieveable dependance on processing power (poorly designed in terms of the programming and resource dependancy). These dependancies vary from game to game, because most people trying to run COD MW2 on the celeron didnt have many problems unless theyre graphics card was limiting. And even if you have a state of the art graphics card your still going to have a slow choppy gaming experience and very low FPS. Why? The intel celeron D (my model was the celeron 331) has a 256kb L2 cache and amongst many other factors it is just not good enough to play quality games these days. That being said, in general the L2 cache doesnt make a big difference in MODERN PROCESSORS such as the dual core 2's i7's and all that. BUT this celeron D is not a modern processor, its old, slow and not nearly quick enough. For NFS shift and COD WAW they must have a faster processor and cache DOES make all the difference. SO, upgrade your processor. I swapped to the intel core2 duo E5400. This runs at 800mhz FSB so if your Mboard supports that then drop one in theyre pretty good and relatively inexpensive nowadays, it solved my gaming problems altogether.

    Graphics cards whether PCI-E AGP-E etc seem to be what everyone focusses on in terms of gaming experience. Its true they are largely the biggest thing that will effect your graphics and FPS especially at high resolutions. But there are still those games out there (NFS, COD etc) that try 'take the heat off GPU's' by balancing themselves between CPU and GPU. THis doesnt make any sense to me whatsoever because alot of good graphics cards have core speeds that in many cases are faster or equivalent to many of the first CPU speeds. Which is why there is such a big hoo hah about them, which ones are the best, what resoultion, texture detail, overclocking, shaders, memory and all that crap. Why would you need such a quality graphics card when IT is almost half the speed of your CPU.
    For anyone who doubts this, contact the games support centre. My celeronD with a 1GB GTS 250 DK (Overclocked!) could still not run the game at a playable level. Drop in a new CPU with better cache, overclock it if necessary, make sure you have a good GPU and you will see a considerable difference.
    Hope this helps :P
  23. thnks man that is really an awesome info , but i have planned to build a gaming pc ,a really strong one when i grow up and have a job offcourse .
    ya , u know wat i did with my celerond when i removed it from the motherboard i threw it into the wall very fcking hard ok bcuz i was soo pissed and then took it to a stupid computer shop and told him if he wanted it , evn though it looked fine they refused it SO **** them .
    now i will kinda collect money and when i get like a good price laptop i will buy it .
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