USB Ports not working!!

to all.
I have 3 USB ports but only one of them is working (OS Windows 7 64 bit.
Thanks for all.
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  1. Hi alexD_45,

    Are u talking Laptop or desktop? The other ports may be fried. But, post your system set up.

    When u plug in any device into not working port, does it look like PC LED lights are started to blink?

    At worst, u can buy for desktop for laptop
  2. Was this always happening? Or did you change/upgrade/install anything? If you only have 3 ports, I'm guessing it's a laptop.

    The ports on those are very easy to fry, a static shock, overcurrent on a device you plug in, and they are gone. If the system is in warranty, you can get it repaired, if not, you can get one of the add-on cards in the above post.
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