My Phenom 955 x4 core only rund x2 core, need help please

Hi everyone,

I have the AMD Phenom 955 and the Gigabyte Mobo

I installed the Win7 but only two cores are running. How do I get the other two cores to work, or is Win7 intelligent to add cores per demand?

Thank you in advance,


P.S. I am new to Win7 so it’s a little bit overwhelming for me.
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  1. Interesting. That should not happen. Is it possible for you to show us some printscreens of where you see you only have 2 cores aswell as a printscreen of CPU-Z (if you don't know what that is google cpu-z and download the program)?
  2. 4 cores should show up in task manager/cpu-z. If not I would check to see that the board is running a BIOS with support for your cpu. It may not be at the moment. If it is running a BIOS that officially supports it I would then look around the BIOS to see if there is a option to disable/enable cores. Make sure if that is there that its set properly.

    While you are at it make sure all your drivers and everything else is up to date as well.

    Win7 Does not add cores per demand.

    Being new to Win7 is no big deal. If you know how to use older windows OS's its the same thing for the most part.
  3. Well, make sure your BIOS is fully updated. Some people have had issues with Windows 7 and older BIOSes. If you had 4 cores, Win7 will show it :).
  4. Hi everybody and thank you for your help,

    I called Gigabyte and we did some trouble shooting:

    1. We checked the BIOS version and it was up to date (for win 7).
    2. Then we checked the Divice Manager --> Processors. And we could see all 4 cores
    3. We checked the Task Manager and it only showed two cores.
    4. The Msconfig --> Boot and it only showed two cores.

    Gigabytes conclusion was that the problem is not the hardware or software related to the hardware, that it’s Win 7 that has a problem. I am using the trial version of Win7 so I guess that may be the problem. Gigabyte told me to try Win XP on same system.

    Could it be that it is the OS that is the problem?

    Thank you again eveyone for your help.

  5. One way to find out my friend.
  6. amdfangirl said:
    One way to find out my friend.

    Under my CPU Usage chart i only have two boxes, i am not sure if i should have four. However, I can see green and red lines in both of my two boxes.

  7. same here !!
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