Western Digital Elements 1.5TB

What drive is in the Western Digital 1.5TB Elements? How many platters does it have? Is it reliable?
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  1. In my experience with WD elements drives, its the WD Green drives they put in the enclosure.

    I can only speak from my personal experience with the element (and I'm not trying to discourage you from buying) but I had a WD elements 1TB just stop working one day. Put the HD in my PC to try and recover some data, but there was nothing I could do.

    If you show me the exact model you are looking at (as there are a few varieties) I can help you with some more information.
  2. Thanks. The model # is WDBAAU0015HBK-NESN. I wonder how many platters the drive has?
  3. I bought a western digital elements 1.5tb desktop version from amazon and I'm very concerned about it. I realize it probably has a green drive in it, I really don't care. It's the firmware of the hard drive that has me concerned. You see I plan on using it with my computer streaming audio and video from it. Well not too long ago I bought a Buffalo Ministation stealth(I made a thread about it but I think I can get better help in this thread) and I found out pretty recently that it has a Western Digital drive in it. I have two other western digital drives an old elements and an old passport. They both spin down in about five to ten minutes which is nice. The thing is the buffalo with the WD drive spins down in like 20-30 seconds if no data is being called from it. So i'm listening to 128kbps mp3s from it for example and it just spins down and it has to spin up again eventually and it creates hiccups in the MP3s. Same thing happens for videos sometimes if they're a reasonably small file size. I'm worried that WD did something to their drives now and they will all do that. Yeah I'm paranoid but I've been burned by this stuff before.

    Did I purchase something that probably won't work to well for me? If so what other hard drives should I be looking at? I haven't got it yet but it should be here in the next four days I'm guessing. Waiting for something that may not work is just really nerve racking.

    Thanks for you're help. I've been looking all over the internet for help and it seems very hard to get.
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