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I have an HP a656x and want to upgrade my cpu. Does anyone know of a 3Ghz processor that will be compatible?
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  1. Well, for personal use, i would suggest the Q6600, many performance test prove that there isn't that much different between the lower priced 45nm and the 60nm processors. The q6600 is very, very overclockable and you can do 3.2 ghz with a small upgrade easily, making it as good as the much more expensive ones.
  2. how is he going to put an Intel CPU into and AMD Computer?

    To answer the orginal poster, No your board is a socket A. The fastest cpu ever made would be the athlon 3200.
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    You have the second fasted CPU made for socket A already. Upgrade to that old of a system is not feasible. Consider a total new system, all today's budget builds (plenty of threads on this forum) would be way faster than your current system.
  4. Thank you all for your input. I think I will have to get a new system, but I will build it myself.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Best wishes with your build.
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