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Hey guys,

I'm rather new to having my own rig (First one) and had a few questions. I am running a GeForce 8800 gts and one day I heard a strange chirping come from it. First thing I did was check the Hard Drive, but it was fine. The clicking only stopped once I removed the 8800.

Further down the road, I have a new Graphics card but now when I turn the rig on, it just turns off after a few minutes or it just never powers up. I have a Antec Earthwatts 650w for my PSU and wondered if this is a sign if it's going bad? Again, it's my first rig and I'm not the best at understanding these things yet.

Thank you for any info that could help my predicament.
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  1. Hello and Welcome to the Forums

    Would help if you could post some more info about your rig and the new GPU

    Like did you go from Nvidia to a ATI card ?
  2. The new GPU is a 8800 gts, same model as my last card.
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