Computer cannot computer pi accurately, and fails memtest

I have been having trouble with my computer since I built it about a year ago. Most of the time it is fine (movies, office stuff) but when I start to ask it to perform (3D games, stress tests) it will reboot without warning in XP, and display a blue screen for a few seconds in win7.

I posted initially thinking this was a video card issue:

My computer cuts out and reboots when I run 3D games so initially I thought it was the video card but I have ruled that out, I have got the temperatures down, the newest drivers and I found some more applications which cause reboots:

-When I run prime95 stress tests, I get a rounding error on the 4th run with RAM heavy settings, I get the error message and the computer reboots a few seconds later
-Windows memory diagnostic tool causes the system to crash before the first test can finish
-Ubuntu 9.10's included memtest86 starts to give thousands of errors about 10% of the way through and crash/reboots

Some of the blue screen errors are "Page Fault...", or "IRQ not less than..."
Once I got a windows 7 warning about a "gui::du_ui visualizable name"
Some of the files implicated include: dxgmms1, atipmdag, srt... .sys
These are from notes scribbled down in the few seconds before the system reboots.

These crash/reboots from memory tests sometimes trigger several reboots in a row and have even reset the BIOS. When I get a crash from gaming usually the computer restarts fine.

The CPU and GPU temperatures are not high when the crashes happen.
I have tried different voltages and timings for my RAM and have now bought and tested new RAM and have the same problems.

Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition (Build 7600)
XP Home
Ubuntu 9.10 (no programs here lead to a crash, nor require much power)
DirectX Version 11.0
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 1gb
Earthwatts 500W max

Mainboard Model P45 Neo3 (MS-7514)
BIOS version 1.A 9/04/2009

Ram, 2x2gb OCZ2F10664GK
running as PC2 6400 (400Mhz) 5-5-5-15

Tried 6-7-7-15 and 6-7-7-20 @ 2V, and 5-5-5-15 at 2V
I tried to play with the FSB/DRAM ratios to get 1066Mhz as well.

I gave up on that ram and just bought and tested this to no avail:
ADATA DDR2 800 240pin 4GB Kit (2x2GB) Unbuffered-DIMM Non-ECC Memory (w/ Heatsink)

Any ideas?
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  1. A few more questions:

    Why would memtest86+ fail? What does it mean when it fails? Does this only test the RAM?
    What are the chances that this new RAM and my old RAM would fail due to flaws?
    Can this be a CPU or mobo issue?

    Last year when I made this PC, I originally had 4Gb of G.SKILL RAM which I could not get to post so this Adata RAM is my 3rd kit for this machine.
  2. when memtest fails, its because your ram has physical errors, all things you listed are just telling me that your memory is failing. i would replace it, easy as that.
  3. The first thing I did with my new 4gb of Adata RAM was run memtest86+ which lead to errors and a reboot. Do I have incredibly bad luck picking out RAM (I do buy the stuff with good rebates)?

    If I am having PSU issues would I get a blue screen at all or would it cut out right away and reboot? Is there anything I'm mentioning that could implicate the power supply? And anything that could rule it out? I really wish I had a ton of spare parts to narrow this down.

    If it was a mobo issue would it be a hardware fault or something I could fix by tweaking the BIOS?

    I've been reading up and came across this: "Errors don't just originate from the memory module itself, but can also be caused by defects in the CPU, chipset, motherboard, PSU and even by timing issues introduced by any other component in the machine."

    Is there a way to check all of possibilities and narrow this down?

    Do I have another component in my machine causing timing issues? Can I adjust some setting or would I need to replace one or the other?
  4. I'll add I tried as much as possible to follow this build from last year:,2134.html

    I varied as little as possible, but my local computer shops didn't carry everything.
  5. Sounds like bad RAM; test one stick at a time and see if teh issue goes away;
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