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If I enable RAID in the BIOS on my P55-CD53 motherboard, I can enter the 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager'. If I setup a RAID array using this, do I have to use Intel RAID drivers or can I install a different RAID driver, such as JMicron?
Thank you for your help!
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  1. you can use a different RAID driver, you just wont be able to boot into windows ever again
  2. So I should definitely use the Intel RAID drivers? :O
  3. You have to use the drivers specific to the controller you are using. If it is an Intel controller, use the Intel drivers or it will not work.
  4. OK, thanks for the reply. Can I check which controller I am using - for example, now that I can set up my RAID array in Intel Matrix Storage Manager, does it mean I have an Intel controller? (I do not see a RAID controller in the Windows Device Manager)
  5. i guess that means u havent installed the drivers yet?
  6. Strange, I have installed the Intel RAID drivers! Oh well, I can always load them from Windows 7 boot CD
  7. that usually means u have installed them for the wrong version, or u just dont have enough harddiscs for an array. or they are connected to the wrong sockets for the raid something like that. im not certain about this so apologies for confusion
  8. Do you think my motherboard only supports RAID 0 in two specific SATA ports?
    Because SATA ports 7 and 8 are seperate from the rest, and in the manual it says when RAID is enabled in the BIOS, RAID is enabled for SATA ports 7 and 8 ! I guess I should move my hard drives to those two ports
  9. yes the RAID arrays are usually assigned to specific SATA ports, so its possible having ur harddrives connectd to those are essential for it to work
  10. I will post back here when I have set up the RAID array :)
  11. Hi guys, just before accepting the creation of the RAID array, I had my doubts. I really want to know: will a RAID setup help prevent stutter in the game Oblivion, while it is loading new areas of the map? Whenever I walk into a new area which needs to be loaded, the game stutters and I think this is due to the hard drive speed. Or is it not?
    Thanks a lot for your replies :)
  12. it probably wont, unless u get a ssd. and creating a raid array will destroy all ur data on both drives.
  13. the stuttering problem could very well be related to ram/graphics or cpu, but as u say it is most likely the hdd if it is specific to loading new areas (ie on a loading screen)
    if you mean when u go to new areas it stutters it is probably graphics/cpu bottleneck
  14. Hmm, I do indeed mean when I walk into a new area in the game :/ - not a loading screen
    I think this might be because of the 100+ mods I have installed, one of them being a giant texture mod and other environment mods!
    So I guess I won't need to set up a RAID array?
  15. a raid array wont really help the stuttering problem no, a graphics with bigger memory might, aswell as faster cpu/memory. an ssd is then the missing link when u have a really good graphics and a really good cpu, and u dont want anything else to cause laggage...
  16. besst thing i can suggest, is when u go to new areas just wait a few seconds until the game will load everything into the memory
  17. Ok, thanks for the reply. Strange, because I have 6GB of memory! :P
    Oh well, it is most likely my gtx 260 falling behind :)
    Planning to purchase a new gpu when the next series comes out :D
  18. again its not the size of the ram, its the speed of it at which it is syncing with the cpu.
    imagine that each time u take a step, the information about new graphics is read from the ram by the cpu and processed, it is then sent to the graphics card and the graphics card processes it such that it looks like the way humans see things, and then displays it in the graphics card. when the mission is being loaded all the possible places u can be is loaded in the ram, else the access time would be so high u would notice 1 second delays between each step you move.
    in the realm of gaming this information is known as minimum FPS. if in the course of a game your framepersecond drops below some 30fps, u will notice the screen jittering. the minimum fps is in general independant of the average fps and depend on the things that are being processed at the time, but in general upgrading ur components (while making sure they are all at the same capability in processing terms) or decreasing your graphics details will reduce the chances of u noticing a stutter
  19. Hmm, interesting to read :)
    But I wonder, what would you recommend I change to decrease stutter when loading new areas in-game? Overclock my DDR3, which is currently running at 1312 Mhz?
  20. i dont know what ur system is to make a recommendation, but the charts should give u a general idea
  21. 'the charts' ?
    And my system is:
    MSI P55-CD53
    i7 860 @ 3.6Ghz
    6GB DDR3 RAM @ 1312Mhz (A-Data Gaming Series), running in dual channel
    2x 5400rpm hard drives (not in RAID)
    Palit GTX 260
    XFX Pro 850W Core Edition psu
  22. hmm thats strange. what game do u experience this on? do u use a lot of background programs? windows 7? whats ur pagefile size? have u got processor scheduling on programs?
  23. No, my processor is not scheduling on programs and I dont use a lot of background programs. The 'total paging file size for all drives' is 6135MB.
    And I ONLY experience this with Oblivion, which I have loaded with many mods, one very demanding texture mod and a few other demanding mods. Maybe my gtx 260 cannot handle the game or my hdd's are too slow. What do you think?
  24. i think your original theory has some merit. firstly make sure ur scheduling in on programs. right click my computer -> properties -> advanced settings -> advanced tab -> performance -> advanced tab again -> set programs
    make sure that ur page file is at least 4gb on the drive oblivion is installed.
    then run oblivion, open task manager, set priority on oblivion to realtime.
    there is a good chance that ur addons are reading and writing data thats causing this. it may also be that ur addons are bugged and constantly giving errors, chech the error logs.if thats the case disabling addons should stop it, and if it stops u know u have to get a better harddrive, possibly an ssd. I dont think ur gfx is that outdated, but just to make sure lower ur resolution and game detail to really small/low and see if this happens.
    if none of these helps then it is possibly a syncing issue with ram/cpu. it could be that your cpu is losing ability of processing. confirm this with prime95.
    if its none of these yet again i really odnt know! its a ghost stuck in ur pc or oblivion is just utterly ***, which is more likely ofc
  25. btw in the graphics test i mentioned above, make sure u put vertical sync off
  26. How do I check the error log and disable 'addons'?
  27. to be really honest with you i dont know. i imagine there is some kind of mod manager somewhere in game. i never played oblivion. if u cant find anything try removing the mods and reinstlling later with backups etc...
  28. in wow the error logs are stored in game and an error mod can be used to see through them but im not sure if its the same here
  29. :(
    I guess I will simply have to live with it, I would rather avoid having to setup a RAID array. Do you think I should though?
  30. :O, i believe in experiment and justified answers to problems. if you follow what i wrote above, you can pinpoint what exactly causes the problems. without the trial and error method, its really hard to pinpoint what exactly is the cause of the problem. I think if there an addon that does excessive logging of some sort, then it might cause this issue, putting that with the fact that u have a really old harddisc (guessed) with 5400rpm, then there might be an access rate issue. but this shouldnt really cause the screen to jitter unless the process is in conflict with the main game components. either way u can differentiate between the two by reducing ur graphics settings and resolution. if the system stops jittering, it means the problem is not related to hdd, as reducing the graphics has no effect on the amount of logging that may have caused the jitters. else it is the access time issue, and a raid will not realy help. you should in that case get a better hdd or ssd
  31. OK, thanks a lot for all your help and advice :)
    I will play with the game's graphic settings and see if the performance changes. If so, I am sure the problem is gpu- related. And my 5400rpm hdd is a Seagate Barracuda.
  32. Hi guys, I hope you are still around :)
    I have decided to enable RAID, and when I enable the RAID from the BIOS, the Intel Matrix Storage Manager used to show up. Now the JMicron RAID setup shows up. I have to use the respective drivers, right? If I use JMicron RAID setup, I need to use JMicron drivers?
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