Need backup software, very simple

Hello TH,

I bought myself a nice 1TB USB3 external drive yesterday (2.5 inch, very sexy), and I want to have some selected folders on my machine be backed up to the drive, and be identical.

I do not want a system image, and I want to be able to access the files from my external drive from any other machine (so not 1 big backup file).

For example, I have my docs, music, vids, downloads, and those folders I want them on my external drive. Now during a week, I will add some files to these folders, and I want a piece of software that will syncronize those files, so that the contents of the external drive are identical to that on my machine. No incremental backups, too much hassle and space consuming.

Any ideas guys for what I can use?
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  1. awesome! having a look now
  2. It is a nice free backup app.
  3. well, it does what I want, except for one thing, it puts all the files in 1 file. A big '*.PBD' file.

    I want to just be able to access the files from any machine, in folders... I want it to clone the folders.
  4. Well, I found another program, FolderClone.

    works very well, first I have to manually assign the source folder, and then the target folders, but so far so good! Exactly what I was looking for, except for the 15 Dollar price tag after 30 days, but I'll probably pay that anyways.
  5. Cool , glad you found something to fit your needs!
  6. Yh, sorry your suggestion didn't work, but you got me googling, so thanks! :)
  7. No problem , just glad you found an app you can use!
  8. I belive the perfect product for you is WD anywhere backup, wich is a modified version of memeo backup. Check out memeo...
  9. Wow, this thread was still active? Damn!

    Anyways, I found a solution a long time ago. I got myself a license of "FolderClone"

    Does exactly what it says, exactly the way I want it to! Paid for it, but it was worth it, as now I also use it to syncronize my music library between pc and phone! :)
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