Intel Core 2 Duo Overclock Help!

I have had my E8400 Core 2 Duo for about a month now and I am planning on upgrading my graphics soon and I wanted to overclock to help reduce any bottle-necking. I don't want any major overclocking (nothing over 4.0GHz), but enough to make a difference, say 3.6GHz. I have tried before, but even the slightest change upward to the CPU FSB, I have to jump it and reset it back. If you could please help me with this, that would be great!!

Power supply: I do not know the brand, but max power is 350W
RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 6400
Cooling: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 92mm w/Arctic Silver 5
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  1. Unfortunately, your motherboard is going to limit you to about a 10% overclock at the most.

    The G31/G41 chipset has, at the best, an upper limit of about 360 MHz.
  2. you will blow up your PSU especially with a half decent graphics card installed. please upgrade it.
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