getting ready to do a new build for video editing.

I'm looking at an x58 chipset mobo with an OC'd i7 920

my question is there advantages to the newer x55 boards?

What about the newer i7's? I read that the newer DO stepping is better for OC'ing than the older CO stepping, anything else to wait for in the next 2 months??

thanks for the insight.

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  1. In 3 days i55 processors and P55 motherboards will be out.
    We will know something then.
    Sites are under a non disclosure agreement right now.
  2. I read some f the p55 board revciews on Tom's but couldn't get a feel of any advantages over the p58, went to Gigbytes site and saw they had nothing to say as you wrote. used thier search filter for on board raid and those new p55 boards were the only ones to show up. no details though when you clicked on the link. So maybe this is hardware level raid on the mobo, that would be cool.

    is the i5 and the i7 the same socket type?? I'm thinking they are not?
  3. The new i5 and i7 chips coming out next week use the same LGA 1156 socket. The i7 chips that have been out for a while use the LGA 1366 socket.

    We'll know for sure what i5 brings next week when it's officially launched and the NDA lifts.

    P.S. There's no such thing as "X55" or "P58". :)
  4. appearantly they are different sockets and the i5 is a "light" version of the i7, doesn't sound like the i5 will have any more horsepower? so then are there p55 boards with i7 sockets?

  5. I think I meant older p55 vs p58 chipset boards??? would that be more correct?

    i7 using the newer LGA 1156 socket vs what they have been using? LGA 1366?

    that is interesting. I made the mistake of bying a board that supported the AMD x2 64 4800, non am2, so I have no upgrade path for my cpu since tehn, 3+ years ago, I want to make sure I have an upgrade path so LGA 1366 makes me a little nervous.

    but poking around the net some more makes me want to stay with i7. do you think this makes sense?
  6. looks like the LGA1156 i7's use a dual memory controller and not the triple they have now?
  7. Yes, the new i5 and i7 chips that use the LGA 1156 socket have a dual channel memory controller.

    It would have been correct to say "X58 vs p55" since there's no such thing as a p58 chipset. The chipsets that start with an "X" are the enthusiast chipsets, while the ones that start with a "p" are the mainstream boards. It's been like that for the last few generations of boards (X38, X48, etc...).
  8. this thread helped make my decision.


  9. thanks for the education on this shortstuff_mt

  10. looks like the i7 and the newer i? LGA1366 will be safe for upgrading in the future, would you agree?
  11. The LGA 1366 socket isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  12. even though the p55 lga1156 would use processors with lower latency since their on die PCI controller, the x58 lga 1366 have more bandwidth for sli or crossfire, anything that is muti card and would cut the bandwith of a p55 to x8 x8 where x58 is still x16 x 16.
  13. X looks better then P so im going X58 + trichannel ram
  14. Quote:
    X looks better then P so im going X58 + trichannel ram

    You dug up this old thread to tell us that?!
  15. I'm pretty sure the difference is 3. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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