ASUS A8N SLI upgrade questions

I'm looking to upgrade my system, and am not sure about which components to get. I'm not too good with this stuff, but if I can get some help with component advice, some people at work can help me put it together.

I have:
ASUS A8N SLI motherboard
AMD 3500+ (2.21 GHz)
1G DDR 400 RAM

I will be wanting more RAM, but how much can I cram in here? should it also be DDR 400?

Should I overclock my CPU? How do you do that? If I don't know how, does that mean that I should not even try?

What kind of a video card should I get? I'd like to plug this computer into my new 40 inch LCD HD TV (am I dreaming that this computer could be hooked up to the TV and accomplish anything?). I'm not much of a gamer, but I'd like to future proof this thing as much as possible. Currently I have an ATI RADEON X800. I think they no longer make drivers for my videocard. So, I'd like one that will still have drivers available in a few years.

Is this enough info?

Thanks for any help you can lend.
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  1. 1) yes get DDR 400, and also try to match timings and voltage as well
    you can cram up to 4GB (4x1GB) of ram into the motherboard (this is actually now my server board)

    2) as for OC'ing, what are you using the computer for, if nothing intensive then leave it alone especially since you don't know what you are doin, though if interested just do some google searches on OC'ing a socket 939 CPU

    3) video card wise, since you are not gaming you could probably use a ATI Radeon HD4650, which should give you plenty of gpu horsepower (actually probably a lot)
  2. with $200 you could just get a new CPU, Mobo, Ram set and use the IGP

    CPU: Athlin II X2 240
    Mobo: ASRock M3A785GMH/128M AM3 AMD 785G
    Ram: OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066

    its about $215 and would give you room to upgrade if you want/need to
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