P55 vs X58

P55 vs X58

It seems that the P55 is a better chipset to have for a MoBo. It seems to be the next gen. For my i7 920 build should I just consider P55 MoBo's. I think the P55 is better for high end graphic cards like the 5K series with a bottleneck in the PCI controller being eliminated as the P55 brings this off another chip and brings it to the CPU. I heard that tidbit in a P55 video but I don't know how your motherboard supports P55 and claims to move the pci 2.0 controller to the cpu. I assume they are talking about the 920 but that just does not make sense.

1. So suggestions about P55 mobo's. I plan to crossfire in time
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  1. You have to use the X58 chipset with the i7 920. The i5 750, i7 860 and 870 can use the P55 chipset. The main differences are that the X58 chipset enables 16/16/8 crossfire and SLI, where the integrated PCI-E controller on LGA 1156 processors only support 8x/8x crossfire or SLI, while this wont affect most people it does affect those who want maximum graphics performance.

    In general the p55 chipset is supposed to be more mainstream, the processors that go with it have less memory bandwidth, and fewer PCI-E lanes than those on the X58 chipset.

    The i5 and i7 for LGA 1156 dont get rid of a bottleneck with the PCI-E controller, they merely move it onto the CPU, if you read through this article you will see the that performance boost from the onboard PCI-E controller is negligible,2379.html
  2. The P55 and X58 chipsets have different associated sockets, and as a result, are incompatible with each other. The P55 chipset is compatible with the LGA1156 CPUs, such as the i5-7xx series and i7-8xx series. The X58 is compatible with LGA1366, which is currently the i7-9xx series. If you want an i7-920, you need an X58 board.

    My recommendations from the initial Lynnfield review still stand, you'll want to opt for Bloomfield processor if you care about:

    1) High-end multi-GPU performance (or other uses of high bandwidth PCIe)
    2) Stock Voltage Overclocking
    3) Future support for 6-core Gulftown CPUs
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    if you get p55/i5 750 instead of x58/920 , you will save 80 dollars on the cpu and around 70 on the motherboard and some on the extra ram stick .

    u can use that money to get better graphics , which will more than make up for the fps lost in x8/x8 surely .

    but , if you are planning to do something like dual 5870's for 19x12 or 25x16 resolution then get x58 for that extra fps , because then you would have a relaxed budget anyway .
  5. Hunter, you are wrong, double 8X doesn't change a thing over double 16X.

    You want a proof, the 5970... using double 5870 gpu on a single 16X slot. So, in fact, you get the same performance with 2 GPU on a single 16X than 2 GPU on two 16X PCIe port.
  6. IMO, if you don't plan to crossfire 2 really strong cards, going with Intel doesn't make any sense. For any single card configuration, AMD is the way to go. You will save so much money for a mere 10% of performance... which can be achieve by overclocking anyway.
  7. redgarl said:
    Hunter, you are wrong, double 8X doesn't change a thing over double 16X.

    You want a proof, the 5970... using double 5870 gpu on a single 16X slot. So, in fact, you get the same performance with 2 GPU on a single 16X than 2 GPU on two 16X PCIe port.

    yes , nice point , no difference at ALL when using the first x16 2.0 slot in p55 . i personally am considering a monitor and gpu upgrade from 1680x1050 4870 to a nicer 2560x1600 5970 on my i5 750 .

    @hunter : memory bandwidth really shows its use in server applications where they have dozens of memory modules and highly bandwidth dependent apps like databases , this is somehow similar to ddr3's few watts savings in 2 modules but huge saving in for example , 12 modules with less heat , both important in servers .

    as a side note , i just bought my i5 750 today :) gonna run it on stock for a while as 60 fps is all i need on my 60hz tv .
  8. If you noticed i said that it wouldnt affect most people, it only really affects those who want to crossfire 2 4870x2s or 5970's. There is slight bottlenecking with 2 5850s, not significant for most people, but with dual chip cards this becomes more significant.,2433-14.html
    And using the 5970 as a comparison is wrong in so many ways. Your point becomes void with the fact that you dont get the same performance with a 5970 as you do with 2 5870s. Whether or not this is because of the fact that they were downclocked, PCI-E bottlenecking them, or the combination of the two we cant tell.

    AMD is the way to go, if all he wants to do is game. If he plans to do some encoding as well an i7 from intel is definitely the better option, but it all depends on his needs.

    @cyberkuberiah: you are right, however because he wanted to compare the P55 chipset to the X58 chipset i assumed it was for desktop operations rather than server based applications in which case he would be considering a Xeon rather than an i7, and most desktop applications dont put enough of a strain on the memory to get a boost from triple channel and compared to a mid range GPU the power consumption of ram is negligible in a desktop.
  9. there are two reasons why the 5970 does not perform like 5870 CF :-

    1.the clocks arent that high , and as anandtech noted today , it has do with VRM cooling even if one overclocks . so apparantly it cannot be run stable at 5870 clocks with full load .

    2.yes , the second part is inter gpu bandwidth , something like only 16 lanes between them to communicate , but this is not the main reason , which is '1' above .

    inspite of that , the 5970 can be oc'ed to 775 speeds (up from 725) reliably which really beats both 5850 CF and gtx285 SLI . the remaining case is actual 5870 CF , for which i do recommend the X58 or 790FX with full bandwidth considering an enthusiast's viewpoint to get the full potential of 2 fastest single gpu cards .
  10. bit different than the original question but i would like to see the scaling of SLI (gtx 295 ) under part 2 of the balanced system guide when it comes out , as it seems from part 1 that gtx 295 runs better than q9550 in all games (not great , but the difference is there ) .

    in spite of that i myself have an i5 , then there are games like Far Cry 2 which are almost partial to nehalem compared to core 2 or phenom . even more difference . that's strange .
  11. thanks guys for repsonding. I wanted to thank you for your comments. I was searching around and reading more based on what you guys had to say and links you posted. -wayne
  12. thank you guys for taking my thread lead "with errors" and making sense of it. It was particularly good to read through the thread as it developed to learn more than I was asking about.

    cyberkuberiah, if I had read your post before buying a i7 920 $200 deal at microcenter I probably would have gone with an amd or i5 and beefed up the GPU.
    Just getting back into build your own world its hard to not buy the best percieved processor for your $$. I ended up settling in on the 5770. I'm guessing that will be good enough for good game play on any single monitor any game. But I know sometime is going to come down the line where I just want to crossfire to move up on the technology and I'm not going to be thrilled buying another 5770's unless the price is really attractive. I really wanted the 5850 at least but I bought a 5770 and an Xmas Wii for the kids instead.
  13. no problemo , that 200$ deal is good . u bought a wii for the kids , that's sweet :)

    i got my i5 only recently , then i was considering a 5850 with ud2 , great single gpu mobo with all oveclocking support . but the 5850 isnt in stock .

    then i considered 2x5770 , and a mobo that supports CF , like ud4p but i was to end up paying more for gpus as well as mobo , both , (i know , lol) for roughly the same performance .

    i finally saved 60 on the mobo , got a ud2 for 104$ , and reused the old 4870 for now . now i am waiting for both nvidia's next gen and availability of 5800 and its price drops , as the 5850 launched at 260 , 50 less than current price .

    i have a budget of around 300-320 , lets see who gets that , ati or nvidia !

    my current sys : i5 750 , ud2 , 4gigs gskill , corsair 550vx , antec 300 , old 4870 .
  14. i forgot , u can overclock your 5770 by more margins than 4800 series because of the newer 40nm manufacturing process :-,2473-3.html

    if u are new to overclocking , i am here to help you . slowly and steadily , your 5770 will beat the 4870 in every game !
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