E5200 3.0 Ghz at 1.08V !!

A year ago I oced my CPU (E5200) to 3.0 Ghz on stock voltage... and the heat was around 72+ on load... So I went back to normal...

Then I undervolted my CPU on stock speed... from 1.225v to 1.08v...

Then the heat was less, around 45C idle, 55C on load....

And yesterday, I made a reckless move... I oced the CPU from 2.5 to 3.0 Ghz on 1.08 V... !!!!!

Well, it is still running without problems...(!) and I see the idle temp is 46C and Load is around 57-58C...

So, do you guys think I should go back to normal, or keep it this way? Can my CPU be harmed with this low voltage and low temp???
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    No. Low voltage and temps are good.

    It might stop working, but you will not damage the CPU.
  2. Thank you...I got my answer....
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