Some suggestions on cpu,gpu,mobo needed

Hi everyone i am new to this community as i recently discovered it while doing my research for a computer i am building (my first build) i am trying to stay under the budget cap of $600.
I will mostly use this computer for gaming and some video work so i wan't your feedback on some of the stuff i've been looking at. Here are some of the stuff i've been considering,
CPU: Phenom II X 4 955
GPU: xfx gtx 260

i need some suggestions on motherboard, PSU, ram and any other alternative suggestions are also highly welcomed. i basically intend to play mw2 (some cs and maybe more games in the future) on this computer so i was wondering if spending $35 more on gtx260 (i was planning on gts250) is worth it.

Please leave some feedback as i am planning to do most of my shopping this weekend. Thank you for reading.
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  1. Hi,
    You'll probably get more responses if you head over to the New System Build section of the forum and read the How to Ask for New Build Advice sticky.
  2. Why dun u get a:

    955BE + 2 x 2 Gklll Ripsaw DDR3 1333 CL7 combo
    785G/790GX with integrated video

    Then wait for the HD 5850 to be restocked - monster frames for the humble $$ ftw! And still have a functional 24/7 while waiting hehe
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