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Hi all,

I just got my new rig (signature) so the next step is of course to text it capabilities and then settle for some nice but not over the top overclock. And here I need some help.

While testing how high it can go – can I switch turbo off of is it speedStep. I just want to boot up my machine and see in CPU-Z higher clock. At the moment every time I go there is says 1600Ghz of course as it’s in idle mode so it doesn’t have to work that hard. Is there a way to permanently overclock i2600K (so the max clock is all the time). IO just want to do it for testing. For example when I go to do Windows Experience Index my processor is holding my system down as it says that Processor calculating power is just 7.6. I was hoping that one of the fastest processors on the market would top that chart at 7.9. The same goes for my memory – it scores just 7.6 is it also because in idle it works 50% speed or something? How I can get 7.9 on that score. Is it really that my processor and memory is holding me back?

Thanks for all advice in advance.


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  1. Can't see your signature :) and I have seen a 7.9 score on overclocked i7-9xx CPU's running at 4GHz.
  2. Sorry it's under More information - Member configuration on the left hand side my posts.

    It is Asus P8Z68-V/PRO GEN3, Intel i7 2600K + Scythe Mugen 2, 2x4GB Kingston T1, 120 Vortex3, MSI 6950 Twin Frozor III/OC, Antec 750 True Power all in Fractal Design Arc Midi.

    So I thought topping WEI for the processr and Ram should be easy. But if the processor is in idle mode it's only 1.6Ghz and I think that's the reason.
  3. What does your task manager say for cpu usage? Is there something running in the background keeping it down?
  4. I don't think so... It's fresh Win7 install.... Nothing there yet. in Idle it's always 1600Ghz.
  5. crewton said:
    What does your task manager say for cpu usage? Is there something running in the background keeping it down?

    Is your i5 4.4Ghz all the time or only under Stress? If you start windows and go to CPU-Z straight away what does it say? 4400 of 1500-1500 as CPU speed?
  6. Mine turbos to 4400 but drop down at idle. Go into your bios and disable the last 4 things which are all the energy saving settings.
  7. Thanks, will try that? DO I have to disable Turbo and Speed step as well? What score do you have under WEI for Processing power (first item)?
  8. nobody scores a 7.9 on the cpu. like that one guy mentioned, maybe an oc'ed 990x can. i read someone post that their oc'ed 8150 got 7.9 but it is doubtful and unsubstantiated. that is nothing to worry about.

    the memory should pretty easily hit 7.9 in my experience, i've been loading machines with gskill eco 1600mhz ram, and it always hits 7.9
  9. Good to hear.. thanks ;-) Don't have to worry then, but it looks like I have problem with my memory! It scores 7.6 like the processor. Is memory wirking like the processor in a sense that it works on slow clock while in idle and then when pushed when more power is needed then it jumps to the higher clocks? Is that how it works? In my CPU-Z under memory tab is says that memory clock is 800Mhz I think.... is it half the speed or is it still 1600Mhz as it's Dual something 2x800 = 1600Mhz? Not sure how to test it what clock it works under. I am trying to make some changes in BIOS to force it to higher clocks but not sure if it's working and how I can check if it does work.
  10. Not a fix, just some general comments.
    Wei is a very poor Benchmark tool. I find it very good for Identifing problems rather easily.
    For example if memory score is low compared to others ie 4 or 5 when others get 7.6 - Most probale cause runing in single channel mode. SSD scores low 6's when others (w/new sata III on sata III interface) are scoring 7.7->7.9 - Most often cause, incorrect driver such as pcide vs msahci vs iaSTor.

    Currently at work so don't remember my exact numbers (I5-2500k W/DDR3-1600 CL7, and w/2 120gig sata III SSDs.
    OC ing the CPU to 4.2 only changed the WEI scor by 0.1 (forgot what 4.6 was). But being realistic going from 4.2 -> 4.6 is less than a 10% increase in performance, hardly noticable in real life. WIE is what a user should see, very little real life change should = very little change in WEI.

    Another example is in memory. While the sweet spot for SB is DDR3-1600, There is no reall noticable difference (REAL LIFE) between DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 - Only shows in benchmarks (There are a Select few software programs that benifit from higher speed RAM). Here a change of 7.6->7.9 would probably NEVER be noted when using the computer.
  11. I understand what you are saying.... It's not that important you are right but you know how it is... You are spending all that money for you brand new machine hopping to top everything and then it is 0.2-0.3 short from max... Just for sake of my own mind I would like to top it.... ;-) You know just to see it there... At the moment memory and CPU is holding me down which I thought was strange.
  12. The cpu will go to full speed instantly when the cpu is in use, so it does NOT affect benchmarks. It only goes to 1.6ghz when idling, this throttling does NOT affect performance at all. You can only get to 7.9 if you overclock. Ram score is affected by the cpu so when you oc the cpu, the ram score will go up this is because wei calculates by calculations per second. With 1600 cl8 my ram was already 7.8 at stock i5 speeds.

    DDR stand for double data rate, so 800x2=1600. Ram does not throttle only the cpu. (and gpu)
  13. Great reply!!! Thanks. Thas't what I needed ;-) Time to test ;-)
  14. I'm still asking, why the hell you are interested in the WEI score? That's crap, if you want know the real performance of your rig compared against similar rig, run PCMark7 and see the results.
  15. It's just a peace of mind, it's fairly common. It's like achievements in game, pointless but you do it anyway.
  16. Exactly that's my point ;-) I don't care how my rig compares to other similar ones ;-) I am happy with it and I am sure it's fast. Not the fastest but fast enough if you know what I mean. It's just that silly WEI which I thought would be maxed and now I won't rest unlit I see it maxed ;-) That's all I want... I know silly....

    Anyway.... 4400 yesterday and 7.8! ;-) hmmm still 0.1 missing..... I am pretty sure I tried on 4600 as well and it was 7.8 as well... Have to try again but was hoping that it will be enough. What Vcore do you have with your 4.6? Am I right that 4.6 is the turbo mode right. Or is it constant 4.6 even at idle? How do you have it set up?
  17. Set that CPU above 5GHz+ or more and Crossfire will give you the 7.9 in those two items.
  18. Don't need Crossfire as I already have 7.9 on everything but CPU and memory. And as was sad before it looks like you don't need 5Ghz+ to get 7.9. So please do not miss inform people on forum. If you have experience please help, but guessing and saying things that are not true doesn't help.
  19. Have not updated my system configuration.
    New system: I5-2500k (Oced 4.2), Ripjaw DDR3-1600 CL7 4 x 4 = 16 gigs), Z68 MB, 6870 GPU, 2 120 gig agillity III (not in raid0).

    My scores: 7.6, 7.9, 7.8,7.8,7.9
    .. Tonight will rase my OC to 4.6 and see what effect it has on CPU score (currently @ work).
    .. Note My lowly I5-750 (@ 3.2) scored 7.5, 7.8 for CPU/memory - Same memory, just only 8 gigs.
    (1) while the OC may effect memory score, @ 4.2 GHz my memory is still 7.9
    (2) To hit 7.9 for CPU you are going to have to OC higher (probably 4.6 (should not be a problem) or 4.8 (ease of dependent on "your" individual" CPU and your specific MB. Going above 4.6 is easy for some, more difficult for others. I5-2500K easier than I7-2600k. CPU batch Nr effects ease of going above 4.6. and
  20. 4.2 is the turbo mode right? What Vcore do you have under stress (max vcore as I presume it adjust automatically with tubro)
  21. Will have to check tonight when I get home from work
  22. Oops sorry, I'm at 7.7 at 4.6ghz, was posting from my laptop before. You can edit the scores since they are kept in an xml file so edit it with word or wordpad. I just set my score to over 9000!!!. Although it won't show over 9.9. Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore Googling shows the only way to get 7.9 is a dual cpu setup or a 990x at 5.7ghz. Otherwise everyone is getting 7.8 with other i7s.

    If you keep speedstep on it'll still idle to 1.6ghz. When overclocking, you no longer have turbo, the OC speed is your max/full load state. What settings have you changed? Are you using offset for vcore? I'm at 1.3v for 4.6ghz, offset of -.02, llc level 4, but asrock base offset value is 1.3, asus base offset is 1.2 I believe. You shouldn't need to change any settings except for power limits (and maybe spread spectrum and pll overvoltage) and then set your llc to medium which should get the vcore to around 1.3v. Then just change the offset vcore.
  23. Great reply..... Now I know 7.9 is out of reach, I am happy now with my 7.8 (I think done while CPU was 4.4 or 4.6).

    I think you have better CPU as I don't think mine would go that high on only 1.3!. I was playing around yesterday I only changes Turbo max ratio or something like that to 46 (all cores) with LLC set to medium. But I thought that is the max state with turbo so it will idle on 1600 and then when needed, full load go to 4600! But instead as soon as I logged in to windows it was 4600 all the time! It that how it works? Is it possible to still have energy efficient setup but max state overclocked (idling much lower and then jump above standard 3800 when needed, like 4400-4600?). Other then that I set LLC to medium and on 4600 my vcore is 1.4! even 1.408 o something like that in CPU-Z... Is it not too high for longevity? Temps under Prime95 are up to 70 C max. I didn't change any other settings yet.
  24. I have the i5 so it doesn't need as much voltage to be stable since I don't have HT. It's supposed to downclock, are you sure there wasn't a background process up?. In windows are you on balanced power settings? Did you change to offset vcore?
  25. You were right. Everything is working OK.... after a few seconds after boot the CPU goes down to standard 1600, and then it jumps to 4500 if needed. But still, do you thing guys 1.408 on vcore under full load is OK or is it too much? I have it on medium (I think it's LLC) and didn't touch offset (so only changes turbo ratio to 45 and LCC to medium. Not sure if I need to change anything else). should I try "-" something in offset, or 1.408 is still OK for long term use?
  26. It's too much for 45, if it's on auto it will overvolt. Use a - offset set it as low until you become unstable probably around 1.3v.
  27. OK, so I did offset "-" 0.050. So Medium settings and offset of -0.050. It gives me around 1.3 now little bit more 1.31. Not sure if I should go any lower then that or maybe increase multiplier from 45 to 46 or something..... Was 1.4 really bad for Vcore.... I had it for few days.......?
  28. 1.4 is the max safe what many people will say, tom's uses 1.35 as max safe. When you overclock you usually want to get the lowest vcore you can get. You said prime never went above 70C when it was on auto so I'm sure you can oc higher if you want.
  29. Ok, Prime = Blue screen after 1 sec ;-) I mean :-(
    I think I went to far with -0.050. Was slowly going down with it and finally it's more stable. At least it's not freezing straight away. I might run it later properly for longer. Anyway it's now on -0.010 (or even -0.005) and the max Vcore is 1.34 under CPUID Hardware Monitor. Will try maybe 46 and see if it gives me the same results (stability-wise).
  30. stone28 said:
    Don't need Crossfire as I already have 7.9 on everything but CPU and memory.

    Crossfire actually has nothing at all to do with WEI. I have CF 5850s and get a higher WEI score with CFX disabled. That said, in games I notice a massive performance increase with CFX.

    WEI is crap. If you're around 7.5s or higher then you're fine and should worry a lot more about actual gaming results - or if you want numbers, run 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 11, and Unigene Heaven benchmarks and compare those to other people.
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