Why is my computer slow during startup... btw I'm using an old intel DQ965GF MOBO paired with an intel e5300 dual core processor running the ancient windows xp.. :lol: Anyways.. On a freshly formatted hd. It runs and starts up well, loads the NOD eset antivirus as well as the sound drivers.. but right after that there seems to be a 30 second delay before my lan icon appears and during this 30 seconds my computer seems to be very slow. :(
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  1. What happens if you disconnect the ethernet cable?
  2. Well, the problem remains it takes slow as hell for my computer to startup. btw i'm the drivers that i'm using are the one's xp sp3 provided for me. Do you think that may be the reason behind all this?
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    Download TuneUp Utilities, it's 30days free. Do everythig it suggest and see if it helps. I use it. It's really usefull.
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