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I have a motherboard MSI Eclipse SLI, I did update the BIOS version 1.A. and now I have a problem, programs to check the hard drive does not show me SMART and disk temperature. Before you update the BIOS everything worked, and now I do not show. Please help.

I do not know what happened but everything worked well this morning, turned on the computer and then launched it again and Windows Vista does not want to run only a black screen, so I decided to install Windows 7

Widnows 7 system installed, but did not finish my installation, and is now a black screen and nothing happens, the light from the disk is not blinking. What is wrong ...? Please help
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  1. You may want to boot to the windows installation cd and try again after removing all but one ram stick or simply try posting with just one stick installed. Check the "memory mapping" setting if it's available and change it. Check the advanced chipset or other category with the ram voltage setting and bump it up by .1 volts to a max of 2.0 for ddr2 or 1.65 for ddr3. Sometimes, changing the voltage down may work better: 1.8 for ddr2 or 1.5 for ddr3. You'll just have to try these settings unless you saved your old bios version before flashing. Good luck.
  2. my settings after BIOS update


    I installed Windows 7 and now is like the first time that I turn the computer restarts itself, and so the circle is re-launching as the first reboot and then enter the system ....! What could be causing ...?

    On Saturday as I did when compiling the BIOS Update, I wanted to check the temperature my hdd and no programs that are not shown. UPDATE I had before the BIOS set to AHCI and RAID mode normally showed. I was told on another forum that I have to change the IDE have changed, but still showed a temteratura and SMART disk. One guy wrote that it should also work on AHCI, but I have to install the latest Chipset reins.
    On Sunday morning a computer and then just walked these problems began to boot, so he acted once again involve a system of only a black screen and nothing. Retorted-installing windows 7, then when he had to finish the installer again, black screen and went on, restarted and fired again, installer windows 7 went the whole system is installed, I installed I do not know how well the reins FSB oi then do that as I wrote below that the first launch it was a restart for the second time the system loads.

    yet there is no reboot your computer when you turn on your computer, but we'll see how long

    Replied to me at my email with the MSI

    Thanks for contacting msi technical support team! Regarding your issue, please update the MB bios toi v1.B3 for a try.
    BIOS v1.B3

    You can flash MB bios by M-Flash function.

    In addition, would you please tell us which porgram do you use to check hard drive temperature?

    Best Regards,
    msi technical support team
  3. At one forum, mate, unless he came to the problem that this may cause. I have a drive connected to SATA 7 / 8 and this is perhaps the JMicron and the controller is something wrong. Previously, before I update the BIOS and everything was so good, but now may be something wrong. These BIOS settings I had before update.

    and update the BIOS to version 1.A I had such a setting in BIOS

    I tested the RAM memtest86 + program and the test did not show any error. I wanted to test drive MDHH but just could not run it because it seemed like an error was not detected by the program. Is this JMicron problem ...?

    Please check whether this could be a problem.
    And so I will do the update BIOS to version 1.B3
  4. Hi,

    Was the update successful? I have similar problems with my board. It started with the X58 Platinum board and then they swapped it with the X58 Eclipse for me. But the problems remained. I now have it stable with some manual settings at 2.666 GHz, but as soon as I try to increase the base clock all falls apart.

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