How to access win7 partition from xp?

I have a little problem that i can't solve by myself, and i ned your help.
I have 2 computers on my home network, one with XP pro SP3, and one with Win7 ultimate x64. I can access all of my shared partitions on xp machine from win7 machine, but i can't access anything (except public folder) shared on my win7 machine from XP machine.
I tried to install win7 (32-bit) on "XP machine", and i was able to access everything (just had to join a network) on this "old" win7 machine, but when i install win xp again, problem is back.
Can anybody help me?
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  1. Nobody knows that, or you didn't understand the question?
    Sorry if my english is not "understand-able" :)
  2. Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Storage

    Here you can see the partitions without any chracter. Now choose one from the list, (Right Click on the hard drive without any character, then change driver letter and paths then add then assing the following driver letter) and here we go. I hope I could help. :)
  3. Hey sounds like you might have permission issues,

    1. Are all of your systems on the same workgroup?

    2. You should log in the Windows 7 machine and share the drive on your lan and edit the security permissions on the shared drive, I would select the individual folders to share and not the whole drive. Start> my computer> select partition> right click> advance sharing and set the network drive letter and edit the permissions to whom can access it. then log on the XP system. When you try to access it it might ask you for your credentials. Hope this works. And when you reinstalled the OS the system probably didn't recognize the the partition.
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