How to install PCI wireless N card into Gateway SX2800-01

Hi all, I have the Gateway SX2800-001 desktop and need to install PCI wireless N card (just received the Linksys PCI card today (

Somehow I can't fit the card into any of the 2 available slots. I removed the modem card to try and install, but the connections are not correct (modem slot is short while the top slot appears to be the pci-e size). I read online that the modem slot is the PCI slot, hence the Linksys card should fit.

Can someone pls help clarify which slot I should try and install my Linksys PCI card.

Much appreciated.
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  1. The Slots are PCI Express Slots the Newegg Item that you need is 33-320-048 WL ADAPTER ASUS :PCE-N13

    Received mine yesterday and it works great.
  2. Hey thanks for the heads up. I was able to buy a new D-Link PCI-E card and it's working much better than I thought. Signal is twice what my laptop can pick up.
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