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The PDF from the Jetway website mentiones that the PM880DMS motherboard can handle a resolution up to 1920x1440. I've already maxed all BIOS parameters vir memory, but cannot go to higher than 1280x1024 on my flat screen that can handle 1920x1440.
I'm using Bios Version A03, and noticed there is a version A04 available for the PM880DMS. Anybody aware of a possible BIOS update that can fix this ? My display driver VIA/S3G Unichrome PRO IGP (2005/08/15), which also is the latest version of this driver available
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  1. I've applied the A04 Bios update which according to Jetway resolves the resolution problems to be able to handle up to 1920x1440. I've also set the Shared mem up to 512Mb, but no joy. When I do install a physical "Riva TNT2 AGP4x M64 with 32MB Ram", then I'm able to use up to 1920x1440, which clearly shows that either the Motherboard or the documentation is garbage - or maybe both
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