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This is my Current Pc The plan Is to buy #1 EVGA X58 3X SLI CORE i7 MOTHERBOARD #2 800 Power Supply Thermaltake or Corsair #3 Nvidia Geforce 280 #4 Install my current Intel Core 2 Quad Prosesor Q6600... on EVGA X58 3X SLI CORE i7 MOTHERBOARD Is that Possible I hope it is..
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    You can't install a Q6600 on an X58 motherboard due to differing sockets. You will need an i7-9xx to use on an X58 motherboard or an Intel 3/4 series chipset motherboard (P45, X48, P35, X38) or earlier to run your Q6600.
  2. No way noo..!! why this things happen to me heehe, ok tnks 4 the help
  3. what about the power supply i been reading people with 1000 watts having issues..
    700 whats will be ok ..? in a single card hope it is enough..
  4. Corsair would be a good choice and 550-600W should be sufficient for a typical single GPU PC. Aim for 800 if you plan on adding a second GPU
  5. Is this one of the motherboards

    I know what u going to say if im going 4 that MOBO im going to buy ddr3 memory right?
  6. Completely overpriced, but yes, that sort of thing. Check out asus and gigabyte motherboards with x48 chipsets. They'll be cheaper and better featured.

    Edit: doesn't even need to be X48 if you're not running a crossfire configuration, the P45 would probably be sufficient
  7. Thank u are helping me a lot ,now other thing can i connect a geforce 280 to a pci express x16? and other question when u connect the 800 PSU I have to connect
    Both 8 Pin And 6 pin to the card?
  8. Yes, the GTX280 will need a PCIe x16 slot to release it's full potential

    The graphics card will need both the 6pin and 8pin PCIe power lead from the PSU connected to work. They should be clearly labeled.
  9. I should check your PC takes standard ATX power supplies as well. Some HPs have unusual mounting holes in the case for the PSU.
  10. I was sure i need to have pci 2.0... to run full potential or is pci express x16 the same as pci 2.0 ?
  11. PCIe2.0 offers twice the bandwidth over 1.1 but largely a 1.1 connection won't bottleneck single GPU cards. If you're buying a new motherboard though, it's worth chekcing it's PCIe 2.0.
  12. thank you for your help ++
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