How Much Hard Space Do You Have ?

* How Much Hard Drive Space Do You Have ?
* How Do You Utilize It ?

Thanks For Your Time !

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  1. I have 3 TB of Storage
    Mostly used for Video Files and Backups !
  2. 240GB - SSD (OS / Apps)
    300GB - WD VRaptor (Games)
    1TB - Samsung Spinpoint F3 (Storage / USER Folder)
    500GB - WD External Drive (Back-up)
    250GB - Generic External Drive ("Games")
  3. 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3

    Some day soon I hope to add an SSD for a boot drive.
  4. 640GB WD Laptop Drive:

    30GB Partition for XP - 15GB free
    20GB Partition for Linux - Not sure - on XP
    540GB Partition for Data - 318GB free
    7.1GB Swap File

    250GB External for backups
  5. (you left out an option for 500-1.0)

    I have 750GB in the machine and another 640GB of network storage that I use for backups. Of my 750: I use 30GB for Win7 + installed programs, and 100GB for storage of everything else including digital photos. Actually on the 750 I have another spare partition that I use as scratch space. If I need to rearrange some folders for some reason, such as wanting to burn to DVD or whatever, I can copy the folders to this spare partition and work with them. I don't worry about backing up this partition since its data is just a copy of the other data that is already backed up.
  6. Thanks cadder fixed it!
  7. 2.2TB in a NAS for back-ups, movies, music, photos, etc.
    320GB as OS drive
    500GB as scratch/general use drive
    1TB external back-up
  8. Nice SETUP of storage !
  9. about 1.6TB online in internal drives
    2 x 2TB of files archived on two redundant external drives
    2 x 1TB external drives for backups
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