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Recently built a system having the following:

P67A-GD65 MB
Corsair Vengeance 8GB
Win XP

All is good except I need to update the BIOS. There is a MB LED flashing indicating a primary boot failure. Never done this but have looked around to determine the BIOS flash process. I have created a bootable USB flash pen drive having both the system files and files to initiate the bios flash.

I have gone in to my BIOS to change the boot priority. I have tried to boot 3 times so far where the device in the BIOS (for 1st boot) was 1st attempt - USB DVD/CD, 2nd attempt - USB Floppy, and 3rd attempt - USB Hard drive. On all 3 boot attempts my system boots off the hard drive normally going in to Windows.

Any ideas why?

BTW - I was using the MSI Live Update before going through this process. There is a ClickBIOS file it tells me to download, yet when I download and install it an error message comes up saying this file is not needed for my MB.

Thank you
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  1. SOLVED !!
  2. Hi P07,

    Later I went back in to my BIOS and chose a maybe two other boot options (other than the obvious HD or CDR, etc. options). There was a 3-letter acronym that I chose to boot from (i am away from my system so cannot confirm it); the system booted in to DOS and there was this weird mapping diagram displayed. I tried to mess with it but it did not work, and i typed EXIT to get out. After doing this the C:\ came up and i followed the process below to re-flash the BIOS.

    But before this I went to youtube to learn how to make the bootable flash drive. There are several. This link was the basic process I followed, though this has more to do with how to flash the bios. It showed me how to get the correct files needed to update the BIOS.

    After more snooping around, this time elsewhere on line found this tool to create the bootable USB drive:

    Then downloaded the system files ( - need, io.sys, msdos.sys - from here :

    Combined two BIOS files with the 3 system files on a clean USB drive. Followed the process in the 1st URL from YT above.

    Life is good again, :)
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