SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 500gb

hey guys,

sorry if this has been posted but im not too sure how to seach.

recently my new HDD has been making a sound usually when i play music on itunes/VLC. the sound it makes is when your computer crashes and BSOD's is that noise. its makes it for roughly 1 second.
can get a bit annoying and freaky cause i think its crashing.

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  1. 1) Buy new drive
    2) Copy contents of old drive to new drive
    3) Either
    a) Copy old drive to new drive and backup to third drive; throw old drive in trash
    b) Copy old drive to new drive and keep old drive for emergencies.

    If there is any sign that a disk is failing, replace it. The cost is small compared to the cost of rebuilding your system and recovering your data.
  2. ok i may need to add this in, as none of those seem good :P

    i built my computer and its a brand new harddrive. is there any cahnce it could be anything else?
  3. Nothing outside of the hard drive, short of a hammer, is going to make the hard drive make noise. You pays your money and you takes your chances. A drive that is giving any signal of failing is not a chance that I would choose to take.

    I'm missing your point. The only other option that I am aware of would be to repair the hard drive. It has no user-serviceable parts. If you took it to a hard drive recovery lab, they would not re-adjust the frammis wire; they would copy the contents of the drive to a new drive.
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