Dvi connection to hdmi monitor wont work

I bought a brand new computer from HP. It had VGA and DVI on the back. The monitor it came with has VGA and HDMI. I bought a DVI to HDMI but when i have them connected it doesn't work. VGA to VGA is working. I can't figure out how to get the DVI to HDMI to work.

Monitor: HP w2338h
Tower: HP a6863w
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  1. Have you selected the hdmi as the input source from the monitor's menu? Have you selected the dvi port as the output source for your computer? And to answer your next question... read the manual.
  2. You have to connect them first and then turn on the computer. When the computer turn on it will look for the connector that is being use and send the signal trough that connection. and make sure that you have selected the HDMI input on the monitor. you should not have to select to use the DVI on the computer it should do it by itself.
  3. Just because you attached a DVI to HDMI adapter to the DVI port does not mean the integrated ATI HD3200 will support it. I would go to AMD/ATI website and get the latest graphics driver version 9.9 there is a fix for HDMI. Did the DVI to HDMI adapter come with the computer? If no I doubt it will work. The motherboard does no have a HDMI port.
  4. I downloaded the 9.9 version of the graphics driver. There is still no detection of signal on my monitor. I turned off the computer and restarted it. Hoping it would auto detect and I had the VGA cable disconnected. I got nothing.
  5. DVI and HDMI are pin compatable; any conversion between the two should work. Just make sure the moniter is set to recieve HDMI, and everything should work fine...
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