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Hello, i need something like guide how to overclock my q6600 to 3.2 on my -5q vm do M/B. My cooler is Antec Khuler h20 620 and i give you some pictures from CPUZ look at that link :)


Thank you
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  1. I am guessing that you have an Asus motherboard. That works out pretty well because the guide that Cygnus linked to is based on an Asus motherboard.

    Further advice:
    Take your RAM voltage off Auto and set it to recommended factory values.

    According to CPU-Z, do what you can to set the memory freq to the FSB freq. At a stock 266 MHz, your memory freq should be also be 266 MHz for a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio.

    Now start the "increase FSB, test, increase CPU voltage, retest" cycle.

    You should be able to reach 3.3 GHz easily (FSB =367 MHz). Depending on the CPU sample, the upper limit is 3.4 - 3.6 GHz.

    Keep your cove voltage under 1.50 volts and the load temps (using something like Prime95 for testing) under 70 C.

    As you increase your voltage, you will probably reach temp limits first.

    Note: you notice in CPU-Z, your internal multiplier dropped to X6? That is SpeedStep kicking in. Your CPU throttles back under light loads and automatically goes to full speed under heavy loads. If you leave CPU-Z open, you can see your CPU speed change with the load.
  2. I have used Prime95 about 3 days ago and my tmep of the cpu doesnt go above 45c. And i think that i have to buy a new RAM because my ram is unbranden i dont know really in CPU-Z it says Mircon Technology and i have never hera about them so. Im waiting until i buy a new ones ram
  3. I'm in the same boat as you are. I can only clock to 2.8 because i have cheap value ram. I plan on upgrading mine to ddr-2 1066 to give me head room.
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